Tales of The Protectors New Age: Findings

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 12: Findings

SEPT 23, 2006

It’s been over three months since the Dark Defender Alliance and Dante had stolen Casey from me. And every day since then has been occupied by either trying to track down those bastards who stole her or sitting in silence blaming myself for trusting Dante, for not being more prepared for an attack like that, and for letting them get away with Casey.

Rex and I have been working non-stop on collecting data and leads on where Dante could have taken Casey and where the Dark Defender Alliance could be hiding out. And so far, we have come up with nothing. And with school started up again, I had less time to spend searching. But at the same time, school was a good way to keep my mind off of things, when I could. Plus I had Andre, the friend Casey and I met at the end of last school year. This day is actually his birthday, so we actually had a chance to have a little celebration. We went to that park and forest Andre had taken Casey and myself to a while back. It was fun, until Andre brought up Casey.

“Nick, where has Casey been? I didn’t see her all summer and then she didn’t come back to school.”

For a long time, I sat there in silence. I never even thought of what to them him if he asked me about her. I can’t tell him the truth, so what can I tell him?

“Casey moved far away. Her father got a better job offer elsewhere. I haven’t seen her in few months myself.”

“Oh, well that’s a real shame. She was a really cool girl to hang out with. But I guess things happen.”

I just sat there in silence, realizing how easy it had become to lie ever since joining the Hero’s Alliance/Protectors. Also I was wishing the lie I told was the truth, it would have been easier knowing she was somewhere far away from all of this, safe. Andre eventually noticed my silence and started speaking.

“Don’t worry. You guys can still see each other right? And besides, you still got me to hang around with. Come on, I got something you should see.”

I shook off my emotional state, stood up, and followed Andre to wherever he was taking me. After about an hour of walking, we reached a clearing surrounded by trees and a little stream of water running through it. It was a peaceful spot, a good place to be alone with your thoughts. But that’s when I noticed something a little off about the area. As peaceful and calm as it all seemed, I shortly realized what the problem was. It wasn’t real. It was a cloaking device someone was using to hide what was really being held in the area. That’s when I heard the sound of helicopter approaching.

“Andre! We have to get out of this area now and find a place to take cover!”

“What? Why?”

“Just trust me, something about this place isn’t right.” He was hesitate to follow me, frozen in his place either from confusion or fear. So I grabbed him and ran behind the nearest “real” cover I could find.

“What’s goi…” Andre started to say, but I placed my hand over his mouth. The helicopter landed right in the middle of the clearing. Two men carrying strange looking guns jumped out. I recognized this immediately, it was the Dark Defender Alliance. This must be there base of operations, what I’ve been searching for for months. Casey must be in there, I have to get inside. But I have a problem, Andre. He’s a normal and I can’t get him involved in this. I need to get him to safety.

As I looked back up I saw the two men swipe at the sky, revealing a keyboard in which they both typed in a code. The cloaking device vanished, revealing a giant metal door. Andre started to squirm next to me. Could he see what was going on? Is he not affected by the gyrosphere? I had no time to explain all of this to him now.

“I’m sorry buddy, I’ll explain everything later,” I said to him as I raised my hand and hit him in the right pressure point to render him unconscious. I looked up and the men head already entered the door and the cloaking device had been reactivated. I immediately pulled out my untraceable communicator and radioed the protectors.

“Nick, is that you? What’s going on? I thought you were with that kid Andre,” Xying’s voice said through the communicator.

“Yeah, I am. However there’s been a slight change of plans.”

“Nick, what do you mean? Are you okay?”

“Xying, I found the Dark Defender Alliance. The park Andre took me to, in the center of the woods there is a clearing. But not really, it’s a cloaking device hiding a giant metal door. I have reason to believe it’s there stronghold. Casey is probably inside. I have to go in.”

“Hold on a sec, what about Andre? You can’t do all of that with him right there with you. Come back here and regroup so we can plan an attack.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have that kind of time. Casey has been stuck there for months now, I need to save her now. Unfortunately, Andre was here with me and I think he was able to see what was going on. So I knocked him out. I’m moving him to a safer part of forest. If Donovan is listening, please have him come pick him up and bring him back. I’ll have some explaining to do later. I got to go Xying.” I turned off the communicator before she could say anything else.

I dragged Andre out to a safe part of the forest, placing a tracking chip on him so that Donovan could find him. I returned to the clearing and started search for the control panel. If I could find that I could link a connection to Rex and he may be able to hack in and shut it down. As I started searching however, two men approached from the forest. I figured that following them inside would probably be an easier solution. So I hid behind so close by bushes and waited. Sure enough, they removed the cloak, enter their codes, and walked into the door. However, this time I followed closely behind. I managed to jump into the door at the last second and rolled behind the first cover I could find to avoid being seen. Once the two men turned a corner I stepped out and looked around.

Casey is in here somewhere, I know it. I have to save her, and right now the only advantage I have is the element of surprise.

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