Tales of The Protectors New Age: City Battle

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 11: City Battle

JUL 2nd, 2006

The helicopters were slowly approaching the base, the  Dark Defender Alliance was definitely after something, and we all knew what that was.

“Donavan, Cissnei head down to the arena and stay with Casey. If they manage to break through and get her, she’s going to need help fighting. Xying, Rafael stay behind me and get ready, they definitely aren’t here to negotiate. Dante, Marco, and Popyus, please do whatever you can to help us,” I said to my team.

“Got it!” they all answered. Donavan and Cissnei ran downstairs towards Casey, Rafael and Xying ran to back me up. All of sudden. one person from each helicopter popped out with these really weird looking rifles and started firing. The bullets were made out of what looked like dark energy, makes sense I suppose.

“Rafael, Xying defense maneuver 008, go!” I yelled out. Rafael grabbed his sword and swatted at the approaching bullets. Xying ran over to a spot where she could get better aim and returned fire, her bullets elementally charged as well. Taking cover behind Rafael, I sent beams of light flying towards the helicopters. Xying managed to kill one of the guys shooting at us and I managed to knock down one of the helicopters. The other two helicopters let down ladders and about 5 people from each one came out and running towards us. Good thing we had three extra people to… wait.

“Where the hell did Dante and the others go!” I yelled.

Firing off more rounds Xying replied, “I’m not sure, they were here a minute ago.”

That’s when we heard an explosion come from downstairs. How would they have managed to get down there? It’s deep underground.

“Rafael, Xying stay here and keep holding them back. Take out as many as you can, I have to go make sure everyone downstairs is alright.”

“What about the other three?” Rafael asked.

“Forget those idiots for now, just fight!” Xying replied.

Paying little attention to the tail end of the conversation, I ran downstairs to the arena to see a huge hole in the side of it, Cissnei and Donavan trying to stand up, and no sign of Casey.

“Guys, are you okay? What the hell happened? Where’s Casey?” My mind is racing a mile a minute with anger, worry, and fear.

“Dante… Dark…they took her…do not…trust,” Cissnei said barely able to put together a sentence, but I picked up the important part. Dante! So, those three are traitors after all. I should have listened to Rafael. But what’s their plan? What’s their overall goal? Why would Casey’s own uncle work with the people who killed her mother and then kidnap his niece? Well, I’m going to get those answered from the bastard myself.

I run upstairs to see that Rafael and Xying had taken almost all of the foot soldiers out. Then I started looking at the helicopters above, Dante had to have an escape plan, and we wouldn’t escape underground because that would involve a lot more effort than sticking to the streets of the city. That’s when I hear it, three motorcycles pass by the door and start to speed away.

“Rafael, Xying change of plans! Rex, activate the base defense weaponry to take out the rest of the soldiers. Rafael, head downstairs, Cissnei and Donavan are hurt and need assistance to sick bay. Xying, cover me until I get to my bike then unleash hellfire on these assholes.”

“Defense weaponry, executed!” Rex shouts. Rafael runs downstairs to check on the other two, while Xying and I run towards the vehicle holding area.

“What are doing?” Xying asks me.

“They took Casey. Dante and those other two. They’re working with the Dark Defender Alliance. The foot soldiers were distractions. We all feel for it.”

“And you think you can catch those motorcycles on your bike? There’s no way.”

“If it was ordinary, you’d be right. And maybe I won’t be able to catch them, but I have to try. Casey needs my help.”

With a disgusted and painful look, Xying turns around and fires off a few rounds, and turns back around. Now with a sweet, heart-warming look she smiles and me and says, “Good luck.”

I nod, jump on my bike and ride in the direction of the three motorcycle men. Xying did have a point, a normal bike would have no chance in chasing down a motorcycle and I am unfortunately stuck with a normal bike my actions are still visible to the whole even with the Gyrosphere in effect, and a 12-year-old driving a motorcycle would raise suspicions. But yet again, my bike isn’t ordinary. Thanks to Rex, this thing is equipped with a lot of extra tools. I press the center button on the bikes tiny little console and it activates little thrusters that appear on each side of the bike. After a short time, I manage to catch up to the three bikers. As they see me approach, they get into a formation in which the biker holding an unconscious Casey is in front and the other two are right behind him. The one in front must be Dante and the other two must be his little lapdogs. The two bikers in the back pull out guns and start firing. I press another button on the console and activate my bike’s shield. After their failed attempt, the front biker looks back and gives a hand signal. The other two nod and get on either side of me. They holster their guns and prepare to ram me from both sides. Realizing this, I slow down at the last second, causing them to ram into each other. Then I immediately speed up, getting right between them. Once in position, I turn both my handle bars, releasing the hidden blades inside, causing damage to both of the bikes, enough damage to force one of the bikers off the road. Normally, I’d consider that a victory, but I realize that I feel for another one of their distractions. The front bike was already out of sight and my bike doesn’t have enough juice to try to catch up. Then, out of the corner of my eye, one of the other bikers pass by, carrying two passengers. There’s nothing more I can do. They got away. They got away with Casey. I failed.

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