Tales of The Protectors New Age: Control, Part 2

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 10: Control, Part 2

Jennifer Guro/X-Keller was on the big screen, this was the first time that Casey had ever seen her mother. She looked different than she did in X-Keller’s memory, it was just a little weird.

“Hello my darling little girl. If you are watching this, that means that something bad has probably happened to me. It also means that you discovered your gift, or curse however you chose to look at it. I hope your father and uncle are taking good care of you. I made this video to serve as a dual purpose, the first being a tool to use as a focus point. The second is to show you some skills and techniques you can use once you learn to control your power. But first baby, you need to focus. Once you learn to focus your energy and the power flows through your body, you have learned to control it. So focus honey, I may not have been there for your life, but I can be here for you now. Focus and let the power flow.”

I look over and see Casey looking up at the screen, and once she heard her mom say focus, she gets back into her mediation position and start focus every part of her body. I run over to Dante.

“Is this really going to work Dante?” I ask him.

“Watch and see my friend,” He said to me.

With the DVD of her mother still playing and her mother giving her encouraging words, Casey opens her eyes and stands up. She looks more confident than I have ever seen her.

“That a girl, now release that focus,” Dante says.

Marco runs up, holding a target. Casey stands tall, and punches forward. As the punch goes through, a stream of fire flashes from her fist, smacking into the target Marco was holding. A big smile comes on Casey’s face. She finally learned how to control it, thanks to her family.

“You did it!! Good job Cas!” I yell to her. She runs over and hugs me. A smile comes on my face too.

“You did really well. However we are far from done yet. Know its time you learn how to fight using these powers. How about it Casey? You ready to learn how to fight?” Dante said to Casey.

Casey looked at me, this was the the part she was always worried about. She wasn’t much of a fighter and after seeing everything her father and all of us have gone through because of the fighting, she was a little skeptical about it. But at the same time, she wanted to help us all out, so that look she gave me said that she was ready.

“Alright Dante, show me how to fight with these powers,” Casey said.

“Well okay, Marco get the equipment ready, its training time! However, first, let’s hear what your mom has to teach you,” Dante said.

So for the next few hours, Dante, Jennifer, Rafael, Marco, and myself were coaching Casey in the art of fighting. And, as usual, Casey is a fast learner. She learned the basic martial arts forms and some special moves, she wasn’t a master yet, but she could defend herself now.


The next few days were full of training and focusing. Casey, Dante, and I spent a lot of time in the arena. Over the few days, Casey had become really good at martial arts and her fire was becoming a lot stronger.

“Alright Cas, show me what you got,” I said her. We were standing on opposite ends of the arena having a sparring match.

“Alright Nick, I’m ready,” Casey says. She gets into the fighting position she had adapted to using and I drew my sword and readied myself for her attacks.

Casey charged forward, fists at the ready. I charged up the light in my sword and sent a slash of light towards her. She side-stepped out of the way and punched at the air, sending shots of fire out towards me. I jump backwards and then over the ground that had been lit on fire. I sheathed my sword and sent shots of light towards Casey. She got hit by one, but managed to dodge the other. She used the cover of my attacks send an attack of hers flying towards me. She jumped up in the air and roundhouse kicked at the air sending fire towards me. I wasn’t expecting it and got hit. It bounced me backwards and Casey landed on her feet.

“Wow, Casey. You’ve gotten really good. Not that I’m surprised. You’re always good at what you put your mind too,” I said to her.

“Thanks baby, you did really amazing as always,” Casey said to me.

“Alright you two, I think that’s enough sparing practice for today, ” Rafael said to us. “Although, I think Nick and I should get a little sparring in. I still owe you a few good hits after our battle in Hertoue.”

“Alright, I’m game!” I said to Rafael.

“I’m going to go see Dante and see if I can talk some more about my mom and dad,” Casey said. She has really come out of her shell. She’s gotten she confident and strong, she truly is an amazing person.

That’s when our alarm started to ring and a voice came over the intercom, it was Rex.

“Nick, we have a situation up here. There are ships or helicopters inbound. Dante and I believe that they are Dark Defender Alliance ships. We need to fight,” Rex said over the intercom.

“Rafael, come with me. Casey, I need you to stay here for now, okay?” I said to them.

“What? But I can fight now. I learned how to control my power and I can fight now. I can help!” she said to me.

“I know Cas, but these people are after you. You are the primary target. And as strong as you have become in the past few days, these guys are ten times stronger. I just want you to be safe. Please just stay down here for now, ” I said to her.

“Alright, if you think it’s best, I’ll do it,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said her as Rafael and I ran upstairs to the main room. When we got up there, Dante, Marco, Popyus, Cissnei, Xying, Donavan, and Rex were all standing there, watching the approaching helicopters, waiting to fight. If they were here for Casey, I wasn’t going to let them take her.

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