Tales of The Protectors New Age: Control, Part 1

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 9: Control

JUN 23, 2006

I was sitting on the edge of my bed, waiting for Casey to get here. After the past day we had, it’s going to hard to get back to the weirdness that is our lives. But in the end, all I can think about is finally figuring out Casey’s power. Flashes on the day X-Keller died come to me, the moment he told me that Casey would need me more than ever. Hopefully I’m helping her the way he wanted me too. Although, trusting a complete group of strangers for this task is probably not my best judgement.

“Hey you, you ready to go?” Casey asks, standing at the door.

“Yeah, let’s go,” I said to her, grabbing my stuff and walking out of the room.

Casey and I make our way to The Protector’s hideout, where Rafael is waiting outside for us.

“Dante inside Rafe?” I asked him.

“Yup, all set and ready to go. How are you doing Casey?”

“Nervous, very nervous,” she answered. I couldn’t even tell her not to be, because I was nervous too. Let’s hope Rafael and I didn’t make a mistake in trusting these people.

All three of us walk into the main room of the Protector’s hideout. Dante and his companions are standing in the center of the room and Rex is off to the side on the computer, doing what Rex does.

“You must be Casey? It’s a pleasure to finally get to meet you. My name is Dante, and these are my friends, Marco and Popyus.”

“Nick told me that you knew my father and my mother,” Casey said to Dante.

“Yes, I did. And now I think I need to explain to you, all of you, what we are doing here,” Dante said. All of us sat down and listened to Dante explain who he was and why he was here.

“You see Casey, I knew your mother very well. Your mother was my sister. And she had a very hard life growing up. From a very young age, we all knew she was different, had something special inside of her. But our parents were ashamed of that, called their own daughter a freak. She was so miserable. I was the only member of the family that was her friend and never believed she was a freak. One day, my parents went too far. They attempted to have your mother killed in order to rid themselves of the burden of their own child. She was about 14 years old at the time, and I was 13. I defended my sister against my parents and we ran away from that horrible place that night. From that day forward, we worked together to understand and control what she had inside her. After a few years, my sis had became a real pro at her powers. She had become so strong. Then, she fell in love with Jon, or X-Keller as most of you know him. He was a very kind and noble man, and then the day came where she found out she was pregnant with you Casey. We were all so happy, but then your mother and I realized what could possibly be passed down to you. X-Keller was the one who named it, the elemental bond. The power to “bond” with different elementals and control them without the use of concentrated pieces of the element, the ability to summon them at will. Your mother was very afraid of that being passed down to you, because she knew the burdens it would bring to you. But she vowed to make sure you were better prepared for it than she was. She even had me record video for you in case something awful happened to her, which… But, once I discovered what had happened to my sister and what Jon had done, I decided it would be best to let you live your life, away from all of us. That was, until I heard about Jon’s passing…”

“Mom….” Casey said, trying to process all of this.

“So, you’re her uncle then? That doesn’t explain these two clowns, ” Rafael said.

“Right, them. These two are just old friends of mine that have been traveling with me for a while now,” Dante said,

“So, you helped Casey’s mom learn to control her powers? It was just her mom and you all those years?” I asked Dante.

“Yes, it was a very hard and long process, but she managed to control it. She was such a strong person… But i’m convinced that the process shouldn’t take nearly as long with Casey. Her mother made sure of that, and I will help in anyway that I can, ” Dante said. Dante then walked over to Casey and knelt down in front of her. “I know this is a lot to take in, and a lot has happened to you lately. There’s been a lot of change in your life. But that doesn’t change that I am your uncle, and all I want to do is help you, if you’ll let me.”

Casey looked up, and jumped into his arms and hugged him. She finally had member of her real family that wasn’t dead.

“Looks like a yes to me, ” Marco said.

“So where do we start?” I asked Dante.

“We start by seeing what my niece here has in her. I’m assuming you have a training room around here?” Dante said.

“Yes, we do. Follow me,” Rafael said and everyone followed.

Rex had designed this amazing arena for all of was to train in. Underground, of course. Thats just sort of normal for all of us at this point. Every time I come down here it reminds me of that battle Rafael and I had with Siefer underground a long time ago. But that’s the past now, and here we are now getting ready to finally learn to control Casey’s power.

“Alright darlin’, go into the center of the arena and sit down in a mediative position. Nick, take these files and start studying them. Marco and I are going to be over by Casey helping her focus. Popyus, set up the DVD, I want Casey to see her mother,” Dante instructed.

Casey ran over to the center and sat down. Popyus went for to the media system Rex installed into the arena and got the DVD setup, and I retreated to a corner to study the paperwork. And honestly, it was more complex than anything I had read before. There was a lot of science and algorithms behind these powers. However the key to activating the power seemed to be…

“Focus. You need to focus on the target power within you,” Dante said to Casey.

“I’m not really sure what power is within me…” Casey answered.

“That’s okay. I’m assuming you can sense a spark within you of some kind, and if not, focus on the thing that triggered the power the first time and build on that. When you are ready and focused, stand up and throw out a punch,” Dante instructed. Thats when the DVD came on, and Casey’s mother appeared on screen. Hopefully, this would be the trigger that she needed.

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