Tales of The Protectors New Age: Our New Friend

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 8: Our New Friend

The rest of my school day carried on, not as usual though. I was called down to the principal’s office after lunch with Andre and Casey as witnesses. Rick and Matt tired saying how Andre provoked them and they were defending themselves and then I just came up and starting beating them up. Unfortunately for them though, Casey and I always come prepared. We always have a little camera on us somewhere, in case we need to record something for our records and current situations, and Casey’s camera recorded the whole thing. We got in trouble for having cameras, but we were able to at least clear Andre and show the principal I was only defending myself and my friends.

“I still can’t believe you kicked their butts like that. They were literally crying in agony after what you did. It was awesome!” Andre said.

At that moment flashes of the past came to me. Siefer, Jenis, and Rafael fighting, me killing Hollzad, Jenis’ sword going into Rafael, My sword going into Jenis’s chest,  the swords through both Siefer and X-Keller. I thought to myself that I had gone to far with them, hurt them too much. Yes they were being bullies and hurting someone, but they were just normal school kids, and I hurt them worse they could have possible hurt anyone else. Casey noticed my current state and responded for me.

“He was only standing up for you, they never should have been picking on you in the first place. But i’m not really sure it was “awesome”, it was cool that he stood up for you like that though. Maybe he went a little too far hurting them they way he did, but he was only protecting us. He had wrong intentions behind his actions, only friendship, love, and caring.”

She had read my mind. She knew exactly what I was thinking and knew just what to say to make me feel better. I grabbed her and pulled her in for a hug.

“Thank you,” I whispered to her.

“That’s sweet and all, but you still kicked some real ass!! You’re going to have show me some of those moves sometime! How about tonight? Let’s all hang out!” Andre said.

“Well, actually….” I start to say, before Casey jumps in.

“We’d love to hang out tonight. We actually have some down time today. And the last bell just rang, so can hangout right now,” Casey said.

“Great, let just go get a few things from the classroom and I’ll be right back,” Andre said, running away. I pulled Casey aside.

“Casey, we can’t do that today. We have something to do at the Protectors’ base today. It’s about your powers., we may finally have a chance to understand them,” I said to her.

“But right now we have a chance to live like normal kids, a chance to forget for a day who we really are. I want to learn about my powers and how to control them, but I also want to be normal for a little bit. My father, my real father, wanted me to have a normal life, that’s why he left me behind that day. And I want to try and honor that, if just for a little bit. It will be good for you too. Clear your head of whatever is going on up there.” Casey answers

“Now how can I really argue with that. Spending time with you is always my weakness.” I say to her as I hug her. “I just have to make a call.”

“No, give me the phone, I’ll do it,” she says and grabs the phone from me. After she walks away, Andre comes running up.

“Where is she going?” he asks.

“She’s just making a quick call. So where are we going?” I ask him.

“I have the perfect idea. There’s this awesome place right by my house where you can hike and stuff. It’s really cool.” he says.

“Sounds great, let’s go!” Casey says as she’s approaching. She hands me the phone, giving no indication of how that conversation went. We walk out of school and head to the place that Andre had told us about. The sign as we entered read Turga Park and it really was an awesome place. Nothing but nature and quiet for miles. Maybe Casey was right, maybe this was a good idea.

“Come on guys, follow me, there’s this one particular spot that’s the best,” Andre said to us. We followed him to this little pocket enclosed by a bunch of rocks and trees. Andre calls it his clubhouse. It’s actually really cool.

“So do you come here a lot?” Casey asked Andre.

“Actually, yeah. It’s the only place where I don’t get picked on or have to deal with things either at home or at school. I’ve never really had any friends at school before and at home I just pretend everything’s okay so I don’t have to explain anything to my parents because they wouldn’t understand, no one at home would understand,” Andre said. I could completely understand what he felt. For a long time I felt the same way. At school I was always picked on and I would have to go home and pretend everything was okay so that I won’t have to deal with my parents getting involved. Although I did have one person I could talk to about these problems at home with, my grandfather. Even still I talk to him everyday about everything, well almost everything, nothing about the Hero’s Alliance or Protectors or anything involved in that. That he really won’t understand… But now I also have Casey and Rafael and all the others at the Protectors. Casey and I both complain sometimes about how our lives aren’t normal and it gets too be too much sometimes, but even with all the sorrow that has come from it, joining up with X-Keller that day is probably the best decision I ever made. If I don’t agree that day, I never would have meet Rafael and Cissnei, my two best friends. I ever would have meet Donavan and Xying, two of my closest friends. I never would have meet Casey, the most important person in the world to me. All of these people have changed my life for the better, despite all the bad that has happened. It’s my turn to repay the favor.

“I understand those feelings Andre. I’m definitely not a popular guy at school, and for a long time I was picked on at school too. Until one day when a kid tried to come after me and I broke his arm. Then the teasing and laughing turned into fear. I’m not entirely sure if that’s better or not, but eventually I didn’t care anymore what they thought, because of Casey. When I meet her, she changed a lot for me. She became my friend and I didn’t feel alone anymore, like I had to keep things to myself anymore because I had someone who cared about me to want to help me and be there for me. And you now have that too, in both of us,” I said to Andre.

“He’s right. You seem like a nice kid and you definitely don’t deserve to feel the way you do or deal with all that you are dealing with in your head. Let us help you ease your mind and your troubles, you’re our friend now. We will look out for you and treat you as a friend, and put whoever bullies you into place. Right Nick?” Casey adds.

“Absolutely,” I answer.

 “Thank you, both of you. It means a lot that you guys are willing to be friend, considering we just meet today. I’ll be there for you guys too though, it works both ways this friendship thing,” Andre says.

After all of the serious talk was over, it was time to have fun. The three of us decided to explore the area a bit, talking and joking the entire time. We both learned a lot about our new friend. He has a mom, dad, and sister at home, he likes to play soccer and he has a shocking strong interest in history. Casey and I were of course a little more reserved in talking about ourselves, but all-in-all it was the most fun and normal day we both have had in a while. It was around 7 o’clock that we parted ways.

“Thanks for taking us here dude, it was really fun. We’ll have to do it again sometime,” I said to Andre.

“Definitely! Well, I got to go now. See you guys!” Andre says, running away. Now that he was gone and the normal had ended, it was time for other business.

“Casey, how’d that call to Rafael go early today?” I asked her.

“Right, about that…. We need to head there first thing tomorrow, no exceptions. I told him we would be there. He said we had to meet some guy named Dante. Do you know who that is?” She said to me.

“Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about this morning. I’ll explain everything on the way home. Come on,” I said to her. I was happy to have meet Andre and to have made a friend that is now solo apart of my normal life, but it was time to finally understand Casey’s power, time to learn to control it, and time to find and stop the Dark Defenders Alliance before anything bad happens.

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