Tales of The Protectors New Age: The Normal Life

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 7: The Normal Life

JUN 22 2006

My alarm went off at 7:00 am that morning, after only getting about 3 hours of sleep. On top of that, it was Thursday, a school day. On top of all the other things I had to deal with, I had to deal with another day at school. Sometimes I forget that on top of dealing with Protectors business, I have to live my normal life.

I got up and did my usual morning routine which ended with me running out the door to meet Casey before school starts. Did I mention we go to the same school? She’s about the only friend I have at that school, which I don’t mind at all. However, I was nervous about seeing her today. I know she’s going to want to know about what happened yesterday, about what happened at X-Keller’s old house. But I don’t think I can explain it to her, not at school. We are suppose to meet that guy Dante and his little henchmen right after school, maybe then I can explain everything.

“Nick!! Over here!” Casey called out to me. I ran over to her and grab her and hold her close.

“Hi. I’m so happy to see you up and moving”

“Well of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You passed out from exhaustion yesterday morning. You slept all day.”

“WHAT?! Wait, weren’t we suppose to go to dad’s old house yesterday? What happened? Did you go without me? Come to think of it, you have a few new bruises, did something happen? Are you okay? Is everyone el…” I kissed her mid-sentence to shut her up.

“Yes, we went yesterday, Donavan, Xying, and I. Everyone is okay. We were ambushed by three men, we killed two of them and one got away. We managed to find some stuff. But Casey, let’s talk about it later okay? There’s someone we have to meet later that can help us figure all of this out. But for now lets just go to school and hang out and live our normal lives for a little bit.”

“Okay, if it’s what you think is best. But right after school we go back to being weird and complicated, deal?”

“Deal. Weird and complicated is my specialty after all.”

We both laugh and I grab her hand and we walk to school. Blessed Hills School, the name of our normal school filled with a bunch of normal kids who’s biggest problem is making sure they get all there homework done. We walk upstairs to our classroom and sit down, everyone staring at us as we walk by. I still haven’t lost my reputation from that time I snapped that kids arm.

There was something different about the class today. There was a new student in the classroom. It doesn’t really matter to me, I just hope he has a better time at making friends then Casey and I ever did. Come lunch time though, he wasn’t doing so well. As Casey and I walked outside after finishing our lunch and saw the new kid getting bullied by a group of kids from our class. The abuse starts as verbal, calling him names and taunting him a bit, and then they push him to the ground and kick him.

“Wait here,” I said to Casey. She tries to stop me but my mind is already made up. I won’t tolerate bullies.

“Hey jerks. What’s your problem with him?’ I said as I approached the situation. Most of the kids ran away as I made my way closer, expect for two. The two biggest jerks in this stupid place, Rick and Matt.

“What’s it to you weirdo? Why don’t you go back to your loser girlfriend over there and leave us to our thing?” Rick said.

“Yeah, get out of here.” Matt added.

“Okay, I’ll go. After you do two things, apologize for calling Casey a loser and stop picking on this kid.” I replied to them.

“Um, no. We aren’t going to do any of that you freak. And you aren’t going to do anything about it.” Rick said.

“I won’t be so sure of that Rick, an idiot usually gets what they deserve.” I said.

“Who are you calling an idiot,” Rick said.

“You better get out of here now Nick!” Matt yelled. At this point Casey ran up to me and tired to hold me back.

“Aw, isn’t that sweet? She has to come and help you fight your battles.” Rick said in his smug little voice.

“We it’s not like she can do anything anyway. She’s weaker then that loser who’s butt we just kicked.” Matt said. They both started laughing. I looked at Casey, she nodded, and let me go.

I ran up to Rick and punched him straight in the face. He feel flat on his butt. Matt came up from behind and tried a back attack, but I turned around and grabbed his arm. I flipped him right onto Rick. They both got up and tried to charge at me together. I sent both my fists out at them, hitting them both square in the chest. Rick got back up and threw a punch at me, but I deflected it and the next few he threw at me, grabbing the last one. I pushed my hand against his elbow, snapping his arm his arm almost in two pieces. When Matt got up he tried to attack me from the back again, be I sent my foot high up and landing a direct kick on his face, breaking his nose. When they both stopped screaming in pain, they ran towards the school to find someone to help them. I ran over to the new kid on the ground, Casey followed.

“Hey, you’re okay now. Those kids won’t bother you anymore. My name is Nick, and this is Casey.”

“H…Hi, my name is Andre. Thanks for helping me out. I guess I’m not going to be making friends here anytime soon.”

Casey intervened. “Sure you will, Nick and I will be your friends. Did you see how he took care of those two idiots for picking on you? You won’t have to worry about anything as long as he’s around, you’ll be safe. It’s always worked for me.”

“She’s right Andre. You don’t have to worry about those guys or anyone else anymore. If they cause any more problems, we’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you guys, it feels nice to make some friends for once.”

And that’s how I meet my first real friend with no connection to my other life. We may have just met, but it already feels nice to have someone on the normal side of things, and even though I was going to get in trouble for beating those two to a bloody pulp, it was worth it. Besides I was more worried about dealing with the Dark Defender Alliance and Casey’s power. Living the normal life and making a new friend is good and all and a big accomplishment for a normal kid like Andre, but I’m not normal and I have a bigger job to fulfill. But for now, Casey, Andre and I walk back into school to finish the rest of the school day, talking with each other, getting to know our new friend.

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