Tales of The Protectors New Age: Where She Came From, Part 2

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 5: Where She Came From, Part 2

When the smoke cleared and our surroundings became visible again, Xying, Donavan, and I saw three people in black clothing standing in front of us. I stepped forward, drew my sword and pointed at the mysterious trio.

“Who are you people and what are you doing here?”

The person in the front chuckled and started speaking, “Probably the same thing you three are doing here.”

Immediately after that, the two people behind him charged at us. Xying pulled out her dual pistols and started firing at one of the people and Donavan drew his sword and charged at the person charging at him. The man who spoke to me drew throwing knives and threw them forward towards me. I deflected most of them with my sword, only letting a couple of them get through and hitting me. I lunged forward, striking at the person, but he quickly moved out-of-the-way. He was behind me now with an ax in his hands, moving it towards me. I landed quick enough to turn around and block the attack, however the recoil was enough send me stumbling backwards, and gave my attacker a free strike. However, Xying clipped his arm with a bullet before he could hit me. I used my legs to push him up into the air. As he came falling down, I struck him pushing him straight to the back wall. He was out cold.

I look around to see how my companions are doing. I see Donavan struggling with the man who charged at him and then I see Xying firing bullet after bullet at her attacker. However, Xying was running low on ammo, and her attacker was getting closer. Next to me, I noticed the throwing daggers that had been thrown at me on the ground. I picked them up and tried aiming, throwing daggers were a new thing for, and by new I mean I had never used them before. But I had to help Xying, so I focus as hard as I could and threw the dagger, hitting the person in the leg. That slowed the person down enough for Xying to shot him straight on, hitting him in the heart.

There was only one left to deal with now, and Donavan wasn’t looking to good.

“Xying, how many bullets do you have left?”

“Um…, Only one left for each pistol.”

“Perfect, I have an idea. See the couch over there? Run to it and take cover, making sure the guy doesn’t see you. I’ll distract the guy by throwing one of these knives at him. When he’s away from Donavan and heading towards me, fire both bullets. Got it?”

“Yeah, I got it”

Xying runs over to the couch and crouches down far enough to be out of sight. I find a good spot to position myself, once I’m ready I send one of the knives straight at him, making sure to miss. The guy turns around and charges at me. Perfect.

“Xying, now!”

Xying pulls the triggers and two bullets fly straight into the guy, forcing him to the ground. He was still alive though, just immobilized. Both Xying and I run over to Donavan.

“You okay Donavan?” I ask him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I didn’t need your help though, I had it handled.”

“You were getting your ass kicked,” Xying retorts.

“Whatever…” Donavan says, embarrassed.

“Hurry, get the other guy over there and tie them up. It’s time to get some answers,” I tell Donavan and Xying.

We begin to tie the two remaining men up, however the other man had lost too much blood and was gone. So we were left with one, the leader. Once we finished tying him up, it was time to wake him up.

“Hey scumbag, rise and shine!” Xying said as he hit the guy over the head.

“What the hell happened?” the man spoke as his opened.

“You got your ass kicked by The Protectors!” Donavan said to him, proudly.

“Well this was certainly unexpected. I was told that you kids were tough, but to kill two of us. You’re more dangerous than we thought. I’ll have to make sure to report that when I get back,” the man said.

“Oh no, you aren’t going anywhere. Not until you tell me what you are here for, who sent you, and why you tried to kill me and two of my best friends. Once I get that out of you, maybe I’ll let you live.” I said to him.

“Sorry, no can do kiddo. However, before I leave I will give you the honor of knowing my name,” the man started to say, but it was drowned out by the sudden loud helicopter noise.

The man broke free from his restraints as the helicopter approached with a ladder ready to grab him. As he climbed on the ladder, he spoke.

“My name Lancheser, and I’m sure we’ll meet again.”

The helicopter flew out of sight. All that was left was the three of us and the two dead bodies of Lancheser’s helpers.

“Well that was really pointless,” Xying said.

“Yeah, all the fighting and we get nothing out of it,” Donavan says.

“Xying, do me a favor. Check the bodies, see if you can find out anything about who they are and what they belong too. Whoever they are, I know there after Casey,” I said.

“You think so?” Donavan asked.

“They’d have to be, why else would they have come here?” I say.

“I guess you have a point,” Donavan said.

“Don’t worry Nick, I’ll check them out. Go get those files we came here for,” Xying said.

“Thank you Xying. Donavan, let’s go,” I said.

Donavan and I ran into the smaller room in the house. Going under the assumption that this was Casey’s old room, I started pulling the floor boards. After just about every single floor board was pulled up, I finally found them.

“Alright Donavan, I got it. Let’s get back to Xying.”

“Hey, check this out.”

Donavan held up a book. The name of it was called “Where She Came From”.

“So, what’s the big deal. It’s just a book.”

“It’s not though. I started reading a few of the pages. Its a training guide to the elements. From the looks of it its basic stuff, but it shows techniques and ways to learn basic controls.”

I grab the book out of Donavan’s hands and start to look in it. He’s right. It’s like a training guide for people with the power to control the elements. It was all hand written and scribbles, now print, but it was clear enough. But how could this be possible? The only known case of something like this before Casey was Jennifer X-Keller. Unless…

“Dude, check the signatures on all of the pages,” Donavan said to me.

I looked at the very bottom right corner of one of the pages.

“Jennifer X-Keller, but how…,” I said, confused as hell.

“I found it here, in the wall. There’s a bunch pictures and a floppy disc in here too.” Donavan said.

“Take it all. Put it in the backpack,” I told Donavan.

“Hey Nick, come here! I found something one these guys that you are definitely going to want to see,” Xying shouted from the other room.

Donavan and I run into the other room and over to Xying. She doesn’t even have to say anything, I see it right away. Now I know where they came from, and we are in a lot of trouble…

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