Pokémon’s Message

Hello, Zyvalor here and I’m sad to say that there has been a major misconception with what Pokemon really tells us about animal and humans. And before I get slapped with something from PETA, this isn’t about cruelty, or not completely. This is going to be about the different types of games: specifically ‘The Adventure of Colors,’ ‘Mystery Dungeon,’ and the ‘Ranger’ games.

To start with, there is the normal games where you catch Pokemon and use them. Sure that itself is a tad weird, but I’m trying to get at how they are captured. They act as mindless bodies that do what ever you say. They also can accept discs to learn how to do different odds and ends. If that isn’t weird enough for you, there was also a theory that Pokemon were once human, or vice versa. While that is merely a type of joke put in by GameFreak, it should still be considered as important in some way. So, in all, this can correlate to a system that is similar to one that was exploited in Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Patriots where every soldier is connected to something that makes them act on cue and communicate through nearly telepathic genome therapy. Basically creating slaves from these cute, and some not so much cute, creatures. It seems that our childhoods are full of of these games, but instead of looking at the logic of how these Pokemon live, we’ve been worrying about how to train them to kill others with their IVs and EVs.

So next is the Pokemon Ranger: where you befriend the Pokemon. This is definitely a step in a better direction as you usually ask them to do a task for you, but then you release them back to the wild. And, also, you don’t stuff them into capturing devices; they just follow you around. They act sort of like turkeys in the fact that turkeys will follow anyone, or thing, as their leader. But then, in the first game, the problem of the super stylus was introduced. This put a spin on things (literally). The underground organization of evil doers could capture any Pokemon they wanted in a loop, as loops were how you ‘connected’ with the Pokes. Again, the Pokemon are put into slavery, but you put a stop to it, as the game directs you to do. So the slavery is actually, and shown to be, a bad thing. So it is basically one way of saying, from one game to another, “slavery of Pokemon is bad: all Pokemon caught or collected from game to game are, indeed, only done so through friendship.” And by game to game, I mean ‘colors’ to ‘rangers.’

But then there is the mystery dungeon; the ground breaker. Pokemon moving, talking, and fighting all on their own! They even have civilizations that are close to that of (decent) medieval guilds. This abolishes the idea of poké-slavery completely. There are no humans in the game, or at least the only ones were turned into Pokemon, but humans are not directly present. There is a cache of new things that aren’t in the old Pokemon games and prove to be useful in dungeons. And, in these dungeons, any Pokemon can admit defeat to your awesome skills and ask to join you. Continuing from Pokemon Ranger, that is a true act of friendship and communication that signals that nobody is forced to do anything, but instead wish to help each other. The whole experience in the Pokemon world would be sure to change most peoples’ minds on whether to catch Pokemon or be Pokemon.

Finally, I’ll conclude by saying that I wasn’t trying to make some huge revelation, but instead open peoples eyes to the pure grace that Pokemon gives us. Sure, it has its easter eggs and references, but it comes to the end by proving that your whole adventure is about fun and the friendship between you and your Pokemon. From portable poké-shelters, to styluses that enhance emotions, to freelanced Pokemon having lives and friendships: GameFreak’s Pokémon series is diverse and explains what we could be with our own, natural world.

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  1. I think that Pokemon are manifestations of human thought. Humans perhaps do not have the perception to understand the true nature of Pokemon. Thus, they take a form that we can understand.
    Interesting that there were no mechanical/electrical Pokemon (KlingKlang, etc) before the industrial revolution. They took that form, once the concept was part of human understanding.

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