Dark Souls “Hollowing” Interpretation

Dark Souls was made to be a game of speculation and lore, so I’m going to introduce one of my latest theories about Lordran’s undead curse.

To start with, Lordran is the location of the birth of fire. With that fire came positive things, but also their negative counterparts. Two of these things were life and death. While alone this explains little to nothing, adding a few factors will open room for thoughts. Like the curse, for example. The undead curse of Dark Souls is practically keeping everybody alive forever as long as they have a goal or purpose. Once they lose track of their quest, the undead go hollow. To most NPC’s, going hollow is the worst thing that could happen; not death, so we know that being “hollow” is bad.

But you, the main character, are hollow! Some NPC’s will point it out; proving it further. But, unlike every other hollow you meet (and kill), you are sane and can be reasoned with. Is this because you are the “chosen undead?” No, that title is completely worthless. All it does is state that you made a pilgrimage to the undead asylum. Yeah: woohoo… Anyways, being chosen is not it; since Oscar did as well. (Two chosen undead? Nope!) If anything, it may have to do with the common way people play the game: never truly having purpose at all. That or because your mindless hollow brain pursues the story and your live form seeks the thrill of PVP. Honestly it could be either or more, but the main character is still different even then.

Normal undead hollow from the loss of a purpose, but the main one goes hollow from death. Is it to be believed that death is your goal? Or, as Danek from Dead Space 3 said, “Death is only the beginning.” That could be it, especially since hollowing takes time and many deaths in Dark Souls 2, but how is it justified? Perhaps through Christianity, or at least my understanding of it. And I’m being completely serious; this is truthful.

Jesus Christ was the perfect human being, other than Mary, who was to be used as a sacrifice to God. He died to atone the sins of man, as that was what men were depicted to do: die. Jesus was born to die… But wait: we live just to die too? The meaning of life is death? No, that’s what Dark Souls argues against.

To string these thin lines together, humans are the despised undead. That much is obvious, but the hollow are those who believe that there is nothing to life but death. The hollow in Dark Souls wait for the death that will never come, and the undead wish to do something with their lives. Such as offer their unique talents; as that’s all they can do to keep from thinking of death. Their belief is that they must change the world before they die. So why is this mind set only kept in a video game?


  1. This game is made by a Japanese developer and borrows from Shinto mythology, not Christian mythology…

    1. Yeah, it probably has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity, but it’s always nice to have something relatable in a game (like a common religion). Adds to the immersive experience either way, I’d say!

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