Tales of The Protectors New Age: Where She Came From, Part 1

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 4: Where She Came From, Part 1

Jun 21st, 2006

After seeing that video that day, both Casey and I knew what had to be done. I invited Donavan and Xying to come along with us because I really wanted all of us to get closer as friends. I arrived at the Protectors hangout and waited for everyone else to show up. Xying was the first one to show up.

“Hey,” I said to her as she walked in the room.

“Hey yourself,” she said back to me. “How are you? You seem a little down”

To be honest, I was. Today we were all going to X-Keller’s house, his old house, the one where he lost his wife and daughter because of the Dark Defender Alliance. Mostly, I was worried about how Casey was going to feel going there. I could tell how hard all of this was on her and how could it not be?

“I’m okay, really,” I said to Xying.

“You sure? I know you’ve been doing a lot for all of us lately, trying to make sure we were all okay with what happened with Siefer and X-Keller, but what about you? How are you dealing with all of this? Has anyone been trying to help you?” Xying said to me.

“Xying, thank you for showing concern for me, but I’m okay. I’m learning more and more everyday how to deal with everything. Right now I’m worried about Casey and what she is going through,” I said to her.

With her face dropping into a sort of frown, she said, “Yeah, I can understand worrying about someone you really care about and wanting to help them. I just want you to know that if you ever do need someone to help you deal with anything, I’ll be here.”

I could see the sincerity in her eyes, she truly meant her words. “Thank you Xying, I will keep that in mind, ” I said to her. We exchanged a friendly hug, and then Donavan walked in.

“What’s going on you two? Nick. you being naughty?” He said to the two of us.

“No Donavan, just a friendly hug,” I said to him.

“Yeah… thats all,” Xying said.

“Alright, alright. So are we ready to go? Are Rafael and Cissnei coming too?” asked Donavan.

“No, just us and Casey. Those two newlyweds are too busy gushing over each other,” I said.

“Yeah, like you and Casey are any different…,” snickered Donavan. “But anyway, where is Casey? And where exactly are we going?”

“Yeah, I’m curious to know that too,” Xying said.

“We are going to X-Keller’s old home, the one where his wife had been killed. Where Casey came from,” I told them.

“Seems random. Why are we going there?” Donavan asked, he was just full of questions.

I explained to them what Casey and I had witnessed in the video a few days ago, about her mother and the powers.

“So we are going to their old house to try and find any clues about Casey’s powers and how she can control them?” Xying asked

“Exactly,” I answered her.

“Sounds pretty interesting. I mean, being able to control certain elements without an elemental,” Donavan said.

“Well, maybe you want it then…” Casey said, waking into the room.

I ran up to her and hugged her. I could tell that she was really rattled.

“Did you sleep?” I asked her.

“Yeah, for a few minutes. It was kind of hard, you know?” Casey told me.

“Well, if you are that nervous you don’t have to go. Xying, Donavan, and I can go investigate it ourselves and just come back with whatever we find,” I said to her.

“No, it’s best that I co..” Casey started to say, then she collapsed into my arms. Donavan and Xying ran over to us to check out what had happened.

“Is she okay?” Xying asked me. Then we heard her snore. We all kind of snickered a little.

“Yeah, she’s okay. Just extremely exhausted. I’m going to take her to Rafael and Cissnei’s and see if they will watch her while we go,” I said.

“We are going without her?” Xying asked.

“Yes. She isn’t going to like it, but she needs her rest and we need answers. The sooner we get them the better. So lets move,” I said.

We brought Casey over to Rafael’s house to see if he would watch Casey. Of course, there was a lecture involved, from both of them.

“Are you sure you guys should without her? It is her power and she is the one that needs the guidance,” Rafael said to us.

“I know Rafe, but she’s exhausted. She hasn’t slept in days from the looks of it and she needs her rest now. And we need answers now, before something really bad happens. You know I’m right,” I replied.

“Remember one thing Nick. Sometimes the answers to problems are right in front of you, however it may not always make itself clear. You have to look to see what is directly in front of you,” Rafael said to me.

“Listen to him Nick, you should know that by now,” Cissnei said to me.

“I know, thank you guys. We will be back soon. Watch her and make sure she is okay. If she wakes up tell her I’m sorry and I’ll be back soon,” I tell Rafael and Cissnei as the three of us leave the house.

 The three of us made our way to the house, Xying and Donavan trying to cheer me up. I appreciated the effort, but there was nothing they could do. I was really worried about Casey. She was so upset and confused about everything and I didn’t know how to help her. On top of that, I left her behind to figure out the things she needs to know. I feel so guilty, but at the same time I felt I had to do this. Get both of us the answers we needed.

After a couple hours of walking, we arrived at the house. I stopped at starred for a minute. That was it, where she came from. Where Casey started her life. Who knew that this is where it would lead too?

“You sure you can handle this?” Xying asked me.

Without looking at her, I just started walking towards the house. It was run down and falling apart. Obviously no one had been here since that night…

“Alright guys, start looking, try and find whatever you can that may give us a hint to Casey’s power,” I ordered Xying and Donavan.

“Yes sir!” they both said.

But before we could even start to look, we heard a strange sound. It sounded like really strong and heavy breathing.

“What the hell is that?” Donavan says.

We all look around, and then there’s a crash.


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