Tales of The Protectors New Age: Casey’s Power

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 3: Casey’s Power

JUN 18th, 2006

The school day seemed to drag on forever. Finally, 3 o’clock came and it was time to figure out the truth. I meet Casey at the library down the street. She was sitting in a private room, starring at the door waiting for me. She saw me and waved me over to her. I went into the room and shut the door. Casey looked up at me.

“Hey, are you okay?” she asked me.

“Yeah, just nervous about what we are going to find out today,” I told her.

She grabbed my hand and looked at me in a comforting way with her big brown eyes. “It will be okay, whatever this is we will find it out together.”

“Casey… what I found is about you. It’s about your powers.” I pull the file folder out of my backpack and place it down on the table. “X-Kel… your father had a file all about you. I haven’t look at yet, I wanted to look at it with you”

Casey couldn’t believe it. Her face was a mix of confusion and curiosity. “Casey, are you okay?” I ask her.

“Yeah, I’m okay, I just can’t believe he has an entire file on me. But he didn’t know I was me. How did he keep this?” She asked.

“Look at the label, it says Melanie on it. Maybe you were born with whatever this is and X-Keller was keeping an eye on it in case he ever meet you again,” I said to her.

“Yeah…” she said in a sad tone. Her eyes were starting to water. I wrapped my arms around her.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, I can understand. I don’t want to make you cry anymore,” I said to her.

“It’s not you, it’s never been you. You are the one person who has been able to make me smile during all of this. I should be thanking you instead of crying,” she said to me.

“You don’t have to thank me. I would do whatever it takes to protect you Casey,” I told her.

“Thank you, but this is my power and my life. I can’t be protected from it or the truth that’s in this file. So I’m going to stop the tears and start reading this file,” she said to me with determination in her voice.

“You aren’t doing it alone, ” I said to her as I opened the file. It was the first time I had actually opened the file, and it was disappointing. All of the papers had be charred and burned from Siefer’s raid on the building. All that was left a flash drive that was just a little banged up and a DVD that was perfectly in tact, like it was new. The room we were in had a TV with a DVD player. Casey and I looked at each other and nodded. I stood up and placed the DVD in the player.

When the DVD loaded, X-Keller appeared on the screen.

“Hello Casey. If you are watching this then you must have discovered the file in the remnants of the Hero’s Alliance headquarters. There are probably many questions you have and I will do my best to explain everything to you and Nick, since I know he will be with you when you watch this. First question you probably have is how did this get into the folder? Well, the day after I reunited with my daughter, the night before the final battle with Siefer, I recorded this for you in order to explain everything to you. And I snuck out of Banorial that night in order to place into the folder for you to find. Why the trouble? Because it needed to be this way, you needed to find it on your own. It’s all a part of this. The next thing I need to explain to you is your mother. Jennifer X-Keller, maiden name Guro. She was an amazing woman and I loved her dearly. However, your mother was even more special than anyone else knew. Your mother had a special ability that I studied and examined, that’s actually how I meet her and fell in love with her. As you probably know already, the fighters of the Hero’s Alliance use Elementals in order to control the power of the main elements. Your mother had the ability to surpass that, she had the ability to use some of the elements without the help of anything else. At that point in my life, all of this was absolutely crazy to me and everyone that knew of your mother’s power wanted her dead. But I was in love, and I couldn’t let them do that to her. So that’s when I created the Gyrosphere, to hide her from the rest of the world. However, the Dark Defender Alliance found us and killed her, before we had a chance to fully understand her power and control it. However, I found out that the thing that granted her this power could be passed down to an offspring. It had been passed on to you Casey, you have the power to control certain elements without an element. Which ones I’m not sure and how to use or control them is still unclear to me, and I probably won’t be around to help you figure it all out. But I know Nick will help you. He will be your guide and together you two will figure all of this out. I’m sorry I can’t be anymore help. One more thing before I stop, I do have one last piece to help you. Back at our old house, under the floor in your old bedroom Casey, the files containing all of the research on your mother and her powers. Hopefully, it will help you. Goodbye my sweet daughter, and Nick, watch over her. She needs you now.”

The screen went black. We both sat in silence for a few minutes, then Casey spoke.

“So I can control elements without one of those orbs you use?” She asked.

“Apparently, and it looks like you go it from your mom.” I said to her.

“Yeah… I wish I could have met her, she sounded like a great person,” She said.

“I’m sure she was. But they never got a chance to learn how to use the power, or what power she even had. We know that you can use fire but we don’t know how to activate it,” I replied to her.

“Well, there is only one thing to do,” Casey said to me.

“You ready to go home?”

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