Tales of The Protectors New Age: The Protectors

Tales of The Protectors New Age

Tale 1: The Protectors 

June 17th, 2006

After the battle at Hertoue, everything changed. After Rex got the airship up and running, we made our back to Banorial and everyone rested. Rafael, Cissnei, Donavan, Xying, and Casey (still passed out from the release of her power) and fell fast asleep. I couldn’t sleep, thinking about X-Keller’s sacrifice and how it was going to affect Casey when she woke up, how it would affect all of us. Rex approached me that night.

“What do you plan to do with the body?” Rex asked me, looking at the wrapped up body of Jonathan X-Keller.

I looked at it as well and said, “I have no idea. Nothing until everyone gets a chance to say their last goodbyes, especially Casey.”

“I didn’t know that man at all, only the things I read and the stuff Rafael told me. He made a lot of mistakes, but in the end, he really seemed like a good man. A family man,” said Rex.

“Yeah, he was a good man, maybe not always, be who is right? It’s too bad he doesn’t have a chance to be the father to his daughter that he truly wanted to be,” I said.

I got and walked over to the body and uncovered up to his chest. I placed a picture I had recently taken of Casey and placed it right where his heart was, right where the stab wound was. It was a symbol, that even though he is gone, his daughter and him will always be connected. I covered him up and walked towards a sleeping Casey, pretty much ignoring Rex’s presence. I laid next to her, knowing that she would need me when she woke up.

The next morning Casey woke up screaming and crying. I grabbed her and held her. When I got her as calm as she could possibly be given the situation, we all had a long discussion and decided what to do with the body. Rafael and I laid explosives all around Banorial and left X-Keller inside. Once we were out of the hole, Rafael exploded the bombs, caving in the entrance to Banorial and creating a tomb for the leader of the Hero’s Alliance.

On the ride back to my hometown, we had to make some quick decisions, and I had to make them.

“So what do we do now? We have no place to stay, to even base an operation, and no technology for anything except this ship. Oh, and we lack manpower. There are only 5 of us that can fight here, how are we going to fight anything now?,” Donavan asked.

“Donavan, you need to calm down. A lot has just happened and right now we need time to think and plan things out,” Rafael responded, trying to keep everyone calm.

I looked up at everyone, “No Rafe, Donavan’s right. We need to make some quick decisions now, before the next enemy comes.” I looked at Casey, her beautiful face covered with sadness and tears. I hated seeing her like this. I look up at everyone again and say, “On top of losing a great leader and person, one of us has lost a lot more and gained something new and scary. So here’s the deal, first we figure out a place for all of you to stay. Second, we head back to the headquarters and gather any usable piece of technology left, luckily we have the best and most useful piece already.” I kneel down at look right in Casey’s eyes. “And then we figure out what is on with you, okay?,” I said to her. She shook her head and we gently connected foreheads.

“Yes sir!,” Everyone yelled as a joke.

After my little pep talk, we decided that using these little cloaking devices that Rex had invented, Rafael/Cissnei, Xying, and Donavan would be able to stay in vacant houses in the Danbury area because the devices would make the house completely disappear, hiding them from the normals. Casey would return to her adopted parents for the time being, until a better solution presented itself. As for a base of operation, Rex just happen to have a base near my neighborhood that we could use, equipped with everything we need he assured me.

In the months that followed all of that, some good and bad things happened. Rafael and Cissnei got married, after everything they had been through, they decided that life was too short. Donavan and I picked up were we left of on our training, me being a mentor again. Rafael and I also continuing our training, learning new tricks everyday. I was spending a lot of time with Casey. We were helping each other cope with the lose of X-Keller and she was getting better a little day by day. However, we had been avoiding one major issue, her power. I tried to find out what was happening inside of Casey. How she was able to release that fire from her body that day. Rex and I did as much research as we could, but he kept coming up empty. I wasn’t sure what the hell to do, but I was never going to give up. Not on her.

And that brings us to today. My 12th birthday, two years since meeting X-Keller and joining the Hero’s Alliance. Look at all that has happened since then…

“You ready to go birthday boy?” Casey asked me as she walked into my room. Today is the day that we go back to the Hero’s Alliance headquarters.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I say to her, grabbing her hand. We walk out of my house and walk down the street to meet Rafael and Cissnei.

“Happy birthday my friend,” Rafael says.

“Yes Nick, happy birthday,” Cissnei adds.

“Thank you, both of you. One hell of a way to spend it right?” I say to them.

“I know its not the best, but it’s necessary. We can’t put it off any longer,” Rafael responds.

I look up to the sky, “I know.”

With that we make our way to Rex’s lab and board the airship. Xying and Donavan are there as well.

Donavan smacks me on the back and says “Happy birthday buddy!”

Xying hugs me and says, “Happy birthday Nick.”

I thank the both of them and the ship takes off. We arrive at the headquarters and all exit the ship. Everyone just stops and stares. After a while I turn to everyone.

“Alright guys, spread out and look for anything that might have survived the attack. Anything will be useful at this point.”

We all spread out, everyone looking through every little pile of rubble. I head straight for the remains of X-Keller’s office, there had to be useful things there. As I look through the pile, I do find something interesting. It was a group of files rubber band together to a laptop and a flash drive attached to it. The words on it were faded, but I could make out two of them: “Melanie” and “power”. Melanie is Casey. Could this all be able Casey’s power and her learning to control it?

“Hey Nick, I think we got everything we could find, you good to go?” Cissnei yells from a distance. I put the files and stuff into my backpack and yell, “Yup, I’m coming”

When we get back to Rex’s lab, he starts to fix and install all of the things we gathered from the headquarter’s rubble. And to my and everyone else’s surprise, within a few hours we have an awesome, kick-ass new base, fully ready and operation.

Donavan started talking, “This is awesome! Now all we need is an awesome name for our little group here to make it all official and get ready to stop the bad guys.”

Everyone looked up at me. Casey grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. X-Keller flashed to me, seeing him protect me and his daughter, and I knew.

I looked at everyone, “We are The Protectors!”

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