Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: X-Keller’s Sacrifice

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 34: X-Keller’s Sacrifice 

Siefer and X-Keller. The two people who helped start all of this madness, were now the two people with swords in their chests, moments away from death. Casey was in horrible shock. I stood up I told Donavan to help me get Casey back to the ship. Casey pushed Donavan away and ran to X-Keller. She hugged him and asked why. Why did he jump in the way of that attack. Siefer just laughed and said that it was because X-Keller was a fool, just like he always has been. Siefer began to pull away his sword. We all knew he would die a lot quicker if he managed to pull it out. Rafael and I looked at each other and nodded. We both knew what to do.

I looked at Xying and mouthed to her to fire the gun at Siefer’s head. I slowly ran up to Siefer as the bullet hit his head and I grabbed his sword. Using the last bit of power he had, Rafael broke Siefer’s sword, leaving the tip of the blade in his wound. It didn’t change the inevitable, X-Keller was going to die, but this gives him a little more time to say goodbye. I ran over to Casey and grabbed her. She has been through a lot in the past few days. She didn’t deserve any of this pain.

So went over to X-Keller and laid next to him. She hugged him and said daddy, why? Why did you do this? He looked at her and said because he had to do something right in his life for once. He wasn’t there for her his entire life, he wanted to be there for her when she needed him most. He said that he would sacrifice anything to protect his daughter, even his own life. He needed by saying that he loved her and he was very sorry that there time together was very short.

X-Keller looked up at me and told me to take good care of his daughter. I promised him that I would and told him how grateful I was that he saved my life. He told me that I was the one who saved him. That I was the one who reunited he and his daughter, who helped him realize the error of his ways, who has given him the ability to die knowing he did the right thing. Lastly, he told me that I had saved the world, the way I was meant too. To never forget this day, the day I had unlocked the Heroic State and became the next true leader. For one last time, He grabbed Casey’s and my hand and said that he loved us both, his daughter and the son he never had. He looked at me and said Casey was really going to need me, especially now. Then he went limp. His body turned gray. Jonathan X-Keller, the man who had given me this opportunity, that brought me out of my shell, the father of the girl I love, is dead.

Casey collapsed on the floor. She shouted why, why did this happen? They just met, she had finally meet her real father, why did he have to go. As she screamed, a burst of fire came from her mouth and fists. The release of power immediately caused her to pass out. I grabbed her and we all fell into shock. What just happened with Casey? Does she have a hidden gift? Is that what X-Keller meant by his last words? We all heard the airship engine roar, Rex had fixed them up.

I carried Casey into her room on the ship. Rafael and I then brought X-Keller’s body to an empty room. Cissnei, Rafael, and I stood over the body, all thinking about the time we had spent with X-Keller. I promise you X-Keller, I will help Casey. If what just happen to her is a special power she has, I will help her learn to use and control the power.

In the main room my friends cheered me for defeating Siefer and saving humanity. But even with the victory wasn’t happy for me. I lost an important friend of mine, and now I had to lead these people. I will continue X-Keller’s work. I will help Casey control her power. I will not let X-Keller’s sacrifice been in vain. I will be the next leader.

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