Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Showdown, Part 2

Song: Seasons by Dragonforce (Album: The Power Within):

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 33: The Showdown, Part 2

Rafael lies unconscious on the ground. Xying, Cissnei, and Donavan are using everything to fight of the hoard of monsters after them. Who knows what Rex, X-Keller, and Casey are up to. Casey, I hope you are okay. And I lie here, Siefer standing over me about to stab me straight through the heart. But I knew I could not go down here. I still had a lot of people counting on me. It was time, time to use the power I had been holding on to until the moment I truly needed it. Now was definitely that time. Or maybe not.

I was focusing my mind, readying myself for his blade, when I heard a noise in the distance. It distracted both Siefer and I. A different airship than the one we had used appeared from the forest, firing at the monsters attacking Cissnei and the others. I took the opportunity of the distraction to knock Siefer off balance and punch him straight in the chest, sending him flying backwards towards the rubble of the mountain he had created. I ran over to Rafael and grabbed him and carried him over to the airship that had landed. The ship had severely decreased the number of those weird monsters. When the airship opened I saw Casey and X-Keller standing at the entrance and I ran Rafael up into the ship.

Casey hugged me as I entered and asked if I was okay. I told her that we really didn’t have time to catch up right now and just to make sure that Rafael was okay. I kissed her and told her that I was glad that she was okay. I jumped down to Cissnei and the others and asked of they were okay. She said that everyone was okay and I told her that they all had to get on that airship and get out of here now. I told her that Rafael needed her right now. Cissnei hugged me and told me to be careful and ran into the airship to be with Rafael. Xying and Donavan looked at me and said that they weren’t going anywhere and that they were going to help me as much as they could. I couldn’t fight them right now so I said okay and thank you. X-Keller yelled to me that they would be waiting in the air for when we finish Siefer off.

A blade pierced through the back of the airship, completely destroying an engine. I turned around and saw Siefer standing there. He had thrown is blade at the ship, and then he materialized his blade back to his hand. I handed Donavan the gun I had used to destroy the power source. I told him and Xying to stay behind cover and give me support fire, and to try not and hit me. After they were behind cover, I activated my glow again and prepared for battle once again. Siefer exposed his wing and flew up high. He was virtually unreachable now. X-Keller yelled to me and threw me a glider, there must have been one on the ship, or he came prepared. I yelled back thank you and put the glider on and took to the sky.

Xying and Donavan were firing a barrage of bullets at Siefer while I gained the altitude I need to reach him. He was deflecting every bullet. However, it provided a nice distraction. Once I was close enough to him, I sent a ray of light energy right at him, hitting him directly. He was pushed back and then sent a barrage of dark energy rays at me. I was only able to dodge a few of them and then the rest just bombarded me. I managed to land on my feet but that attack, added with his last big attack, had really left a mark on me. Right now all I could think about was Casey watching all of this and the promise I had made to her. I hope that I can keep it.

Donavan and Xying were firing and firing, but their shots were ineffective against Siefer. Donavan had finally decided he had had enough of this. He looked at Xying and threw the gun at her. He said that he was going in for closer range combat. He had pulled the wind Elemental out of the gun that Rafael had previously place in it and added them to his sword. Then he charged to toward the battle, with Xying yelling to him to not be an idiot.

Siefer hovered over me. He said that I seemed distracted and that he wanted to take that distraction away. He aimed his left hand towards the airship and charged up a dark energy ball. I shouted NO! and tried to stop him, but he swung his sword sending me backwards a little. I wouldn’t be able to stop him. That’s when Donavan jumped up and stabbed his sword straight through Siefers arm, making it unusable. Siefer, instead of being stunned by the pain, turned and kicked Donavan, sending him flying farther than anyone had every been flung. Thank you Donavan, I thought to myself, and then I got up and thought to myself, you have given me my golden opportunity.

Casey was sitting at a window, watching the events of the battle unfold. X-Keller went to her and hugged her. He told her that I was strong enough to stop Siefer, that even though the odds don’t looked good right now that I would stop him. That I was meant to Casey. Casey asked how he was so confident. He looked at her and said that he had met a lot of strong people in hi lifetime, but there was something special about me that he could not completely explain. Casey smiled and hugged X-Keller. With tears in her eyes she said thank you daddy. X-Keller hugged her tighter and said, I love you Casey.

I focused my mind. Remembering the time I sent in that weird place, the other realm, the place in which I had gained the power I needed to destroy Siefer. As I focused, I felt my body changing. My body had changed from glowing the yellow of light to the bright golden color of the sun. Siefer looked stunned and asked me what the hell was happening. I looked up at him. I said Siefer, you are about to witness the power of the true Heroic State.

Seifer roared and boosted the power of his dark mode. I told him that nothing would help him now. I flew up into the air and threw the red repulser ahead of me. I flew as fast as a speeding bullet to the meet up with the sword and strike him through the side. I flew up high in the sky and sent the sword of light straight down to him, he moved out of the way, but not quick enough because it still struck his other arm. He attempted to send a ray of dark energy up towards me to hit me, but it didn’t work. In my Heroic State, I was quicker than he was. From behind, I threw the red repulser straight towards his shoulder, piercing threw it and sticking me to a wall of rock behind us.

This time, I hovered in front of him. He was smirking, saying that I had some impressive new moves and powers, however I was out of weapons. I grabbed him by the throat and told me I didn’t need a weapon to finish him. I let go of his throat and backed up. I concentrated all of my remaining power into my hand and I was charging up a beam of light energy. With his still usable, Siefer began to charge up dark energy. We both sent out our energy, the light and darkness clashed.

Xying help Donavan onto the airship and everyone stood outside and watched. The darkness and light clashing, an amazing but deadly sight. X-Keller was holding Casey as she was crying, worrying about me. Rafael finally stubbled to his feet and Cissnei was helping support him, both of them with looks of both fear and pride. Xying was also in tears and Donavan was just in shock. They all knew the same thing I did, it all comes down to this last hit.

The beams were equal in power. The outcome here I can only be determined by sheer will now. Siefer began talking. He said that I needed to give up. Humanity was nothing but liars and hatred. The H.I.S’s are far superior to the humans in every way and unfazed by useless emotions such as love and care. That’s when all my memories flooded to me. Meeting Cissnei and Rafael, killing Jenis, watching Rafael die, finding out he was alive, trusting/distrusting than trusting X-Keller, and most importantly, meeting and developing such strong feelings for Casey.

I came back to reality and told Siefer that he was wrong. It was because of those emotions that I was going to win this battle. With that, my beam of light became stronger, overpowering the beam of darkness. The light slammed into Siefer, destroying the red repulser that was pinning him to the rock. Once the light vanished, Siefer fell to the ground, he was lifeless. He was gone. I smiled as the my glow vanished and I felt my body weaken. I fell towards the earth and just when I thought I was going to hit the ground, Casey caught me.

She was crying. I touched her face and told her to stop crying. I’m alive and I kept my promise. I looked her in the eyes and told her that I was an 11 year old boy that didn’t know a lot, but what I realized during the final stage of that battle is that I think I know what love is. I said I love you to her. Near death experiences make even the youngest of people realize the special things in life. She broke down and I kissed her.

That’s when we all heard a scream. Siefer must have had one last spark in him because he charged at Casey and I in an attempt to take us with him when he dies. We both thought this was the end for us. Siefer’s sword pierced right through, the chest of Jonathan X-Keller as Jonathan X-Keller’s sword pierced right through Siefer’s chest. The showdown had ended…

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