My Life, My Fate

 My Life, My Fate


The Beginning

His name was John,

but that’s not what I called him

I called him Pepé.

My grandfather, and my friend.

Not always the nicest man

but a great man.

He died almost 3 years ago.

A sad moment for everyone,

but mostly for me.

We were close, friends

till the end.

But everyone has secrets.

And those secrets came out,

nothing bad, just big.

Big enough to change my life

Fate changed, destiny twisted

His burdens became mine,

but this was the past

Present Day


So much has happened since

the secrets were revealed. Secrets to personal to tell,

now my own secrets have formed.

New discoveries, new friends

and old friends. New

Burdens, new sorrows

Today, today I deal with

sorrow. The lost

still hurts to this day.

Not just him, but of others

Many friends gone by

Death or betrayal.

Gave my heart away,

She lied, stomped my heart.

She betrayed me.

The two people I loved,

one died, one betrayed me.

A broken life because of shatter trust

New problems to deal with.

Who do I trust?

No one, I keep it all.

All my sorrows, pain

kept to myself

No one knows

No one cares. The

only one who did

has been gone for 3 years

My friend, the one

who changed my life

and my fate forever

Of Friendship and Death


Of Mice and Men

I read this book

A long time ago

I also relate to it

George and Lenny

Nick and Donavan

“Tell me about the farm George”

“Nick, when will the world be peaceful?”

He would always ask me that.

End a life to save a life

George shot Lenny

Donavan lost his life

I couldn’t stop it

George saved Lenny from himself,

But I couldn’t save him

Of friendship.

Friends till the end

and beyond.

Of death.

George and Nick, alive.

Lenny and Donavan, gone.

Spirits of the Soul


Dark, eerie glowing spirits,

Eating at the choices I make. That is

the depths of my soul.

They represent emptiness

But also virtues

That I am destined to follow

Dignity, friendship,

intelligence, valor,

honor and protection

Those make up my soul.

Those six virtuous

spirits of emptiness.

That is the

true depths

of my soul.

A black hole,

Sucking everything I feel away

Eating my emotions.

And it all makes

up my life and

my fate.

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