Grandfather Is Here

Grandfather Is Here 

THE PAST      Grandfather is living with me, upstairs. He is a barber      and he loves his family.  Comes home every night at 5 o’clock,sleeping until 10 in the morning.  Spending weekends doing yard work and hanging out with his family. At least, so I hear.


WHEN I CAME       I am here now. Entered the world in June of 1994. There is my Grandfather, standing right there. Fast forward a few years, Grandfather is weaker,  caused from the smoking. He’s deaf can’t hear me speak. He still loves me, loves me to death.


LATER                     Ten years old, life is simple, mostly. Grandfather is changing, not the same man I knew. Painting, he screams at Grandmother. Throws the paint can at my brother. That was the last time I saw him for a very long time.


ONE YEAR              Grandfather is back. No longer screaming, but so many hospital visits. The immortal man, that is his nickname, surviving  everything under the sun. Now he is on oxygen. Barely able to leave the house. The Grandfather I saw and meet was gone,  but I love him no matter what,.


DEC 1ST 2011        Grandfather is gone. Died in the morning while I was in school. It wasn’t a joke. My Grandfather, The immortal man, is dead. I break down, and the has still not completely gone away. I never got my chance to say goodbye.

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