The Truth of The World

Hey Everyone,

This is a poem I wrote a long time ago. Its a little long but worth the read. Enjoy!

The Truth of The World

 I’m standing here, watching the cars drive by,

Watching the people walk by,

Watching the trees sway in the wind,

Watching the birds fly by,

Watching the pebbles stand still,

Just watching all that’s around me.

Standing there, I realize something

All of these things are obviously to the truth

The things that are really happening here,

Here in this world.

They can’t be blamed, however.

Only few know the truth,

And there is a boy,

One with whom the burden falls.

Watching the people, I wonder

Can they handle it, what the boy has to handle?

The burden that the boy face,

The truth that he sees everyday

The dangers that they are truly in

The all-important question,

Can they handle the truth?

Now I’m in public,

My place of work

Watching all of it again,

With a few different sights

Yelling children,

Falling fruit,

Fire Alarms,

Grapes, Leechy nuts, oranges, apples

But still I see the people,

The cars,

The birds,

The pebbles,

He sees what they see,

But that boy still sees more.

The truth he learned

A nine-year-old truth and counting for him, but known longer by others

He is just one, one of a small group who knows

Who knows the true dangers of the world.

Maybe its time everyone else knew too.

A story for all to hear:

A boy, ten years old, approached by a man while playing basketball, alone as usual. The man tells the boy he can change his live, the boy is fascinated by the words of the man,

The next day the man takes the boy to place only few know about, and only few can see. He learns the truth that day, the truth of the dangers of the world. The boy learns he can help make the danger vanish, help it to go away. That day was the day the boy’s life changed forever. He met many new friends, trained all his skills and became as strong as he could be, and the battles had begun.

That is merely the stories beginning, a past that happened 9 years ago,


Let us jump back to the present:

Now I’m sitting at a station,

One that provides gas

Watching my surroundings again,

Pondering the boy of age 10

My sights are the same, yet different.

There are still people

And cars

And birds

And pebbles

And yelling children

But also there is the smell of gas

The taste of soda

The sound of the wind

All of these peaceful elements that we all see

The ones many are meant to see

The truth is meant to be hidden behind these elements

Not to the boy,

To him these elements are just a cover

Hiding the truth from the fragile humans

Protecting them from harm the only way he knows how.


The next part of the story of the past:

Now age 11, the boy has matured mush faster than he should have. Changed in a short amount of time, no the same as he once was. Tougher, stronger, and strangely happy. Not because of the horrors faced, but because of the friendships made, a mentor earned, and a new love found.

But all of that soon turned to dread. Many more fights, fights that did not end well. Unspeakable powers and a betrayal that scorned the boy. The more and more of these fights that occurred, the more scars the boy received. That’s when the ultimate changed occurred

He becomes a machine of killing, a rage that he could not control. No one this even noticed to the naked eye of the people, covered by a machine. He couldn’t control himself anymore, slowly but surely becoming a monster, the boy needed help. Mentor, please help.


Jump back to the present:

This room I sit in, is my reflection room

Here I often think of that boy,

The boy who learned too much

Who can ever handle to truth?

This goes far beyond that saying:

“The truth hurts, doesn’t it?”

The betrayals in this world,

It makes us all wonder,

Who the hell can we trust?

We are taught to trust people,

But that is a teaching we cannot follow.

Many turn on us, even the ones we loveBut that’s another story for later on,

The boy hasn’t truly reached that


Part III of the story, the past:

The boy has reached age 12, luckily still alive. His anger and rage learning to be controlled, pushing away the darkness and beckoning the light forward. His mentor became his best friend. They fought side by side, had each other’s back every step of the way. The happiness had somewhat returned.

But, sadly, as the weeks, months, and years went on, so did the truth and the dangers. Everything became bigger, larger. More information about new things just kept coming. One right after the other, so much piled up on the 12 year old boy,

His questions began to form. “Can I truly handle of the this? The man that found me that day, he mentioned nothing of this, of all of this.”

He talked to his mentor, his best friend. He told the boy that he had been involved for over ten years and that nothing surprised him anymore. Hearing this, the boy became more fearful then he already was. He feared all of this would force something in him. Would form a monster inside; create darkness that should not exist.

The boy did the only thing he could. On the day of this 13th birth year, he fled…

This time, the present will be skipped.


The story continues:

The boy of age 14 now, having left behind his life of protecting the truth and keeping the inhabitants of the planet safe a little over a year ago finds out that one of his friends is dead, one of his closest.

That was the day he returned to the man, seeing now how horrible the world can truly be. The man and his mentor, who never truly left the boys side, welcome his back with open arms.

Many whispered behind the boy’s back, saying coward and chicken, but it did faze the boy. He fought on, enemy after enemy, danger after danger and become one of the strongest fighters the group had. The whispers then stopped, everything had become calmly, in a way.

One day an enemy emerged. Old friend became bitter rival, and one of the results was the death of the boy’s mentor.

Anger came back to the boy, the death of a mentor, best friend, and even new husband and father to a wonderful woman and baby boy. The boy knew what had to be done.

The big battle, sword through the being. The old friend had fallen by the hands of the boy of 14 years. But, to him, at what price?


Jump back to the present:

I’m back at my place of work,

Reflecting on the whispers the boy suffered.

I begin to listen to the conversations around me.

Everyone worried about such trivial matters,

It actually enraged me.

“Is this good for dinner”?

“But then I won’t be able to hang out with James”

“I think I’m getting a zit”

A few of the things I heard

If only they all knew,

The truth, the danger

A little zit would be nothing anymore

But right now only the boy bears the burden

Of all the truths, all the deaths, and all the hopes

Of these trivial humans.


The story goes on, and on:

A year later, age 15 the boy has learned how to handle his burdens alone, even became a mentor himself. The death of his owns still haunting him. Never forgetting the bloody sight.

A man, a hooded man has become his shadow. Everyday being followed, warning the boy of the man who holds the truth,

The boy should have listened to the man, the man betrayed them all. He went from the truth holder, to part of the danger. The boys love interest finally returns, even though she never left, and the hooded man reveals the boys mentor, no longer a corpse

The boy, his love, his mentor, and his mentee fight the man, the truth holder.

Standing face to face, the sword goes through the man. Another death by the boys hand.

The new era for the boy has begun.


Present Day:

Betrayal, there’s that word again.

Why does it exist?

I reflect on it here, these quite woods.

The boy, the boy speaks to me

Why suffer through all of this?

Why protect people from this truth?

Betrayal, anguish, death, hurt, pain

All of this caused by humans

Do they deserve protection?

The answers are still so unclear.


The New Beginning:

A new leader, the 16-year-old boy becomes, protecting the people from the truth still. The boy becomes the new man, the truth holder.

A new death suffered, his mentee. A tragic death, one that the boy blames himself for, even to this day.

December of his 16th year, another death occurs, a very unexpected one. The boy’s grandfather, the family member he was closest too. Still grieving over one loss, this one hits harder. The boy slips, darkness invades once more.

Until the day he learned another truth, the truth of his grandfather. One of the holders of this truth, a burden they both unknowingly shared. The boy chosen by his grandfather to carry on the protection of the truth, the protection of honor.

With this, the boy became more determined then ever. He became even stronger, with the power of his grandfather he felt inside. This is strength the boy would need.



Changes, Changes:

Everything changes, even people

No matter what others say?

This boy is proof.

Becoming a leader from a follower.

Changing is never easy however.

A lot of work needs to be done.

But change, is not only possible,

But necessary.


Secrets, Secrets:

Everyone carries them

Some longer than others

Guilt, that plays into it

Are secrets truly wrong if everyone has them?

Sometimes, to protect the people you love,

Secrets are necessary.

The boy understands that now,

As do I.


Next part:

Age 17, the boy has truly grow. Come to terms with the secrets and the truths. Another bombshell hits. This being the biggest one yet.

Another realm, the realm of the ancients. Ancient human society more advanced than our own. They brought their problems to the boy. The door had opened, the boy traveled to the realm. To stop the problem, and protect the world, the door had to be shut.

Something else happened, the boy meets a girl, a different girl. One who knew nothing about the truth? They began to date.

To protect her from everything he knew, he knew what to do. On the day of his 18th birthday, he shut the door to the ancient realm, sealing away all the problems. But, he sealed his past once again, leaving his friends and life behind. All to protect the girl.


Now I reflect on this:

Love can come between many things

Even transcend realms

It can cause you to make sacrifices

Love isn’t for me,

Not anymore, not after all it’s caused

In the end, you only need yourself.

Love is one of those elements

Those damn peaceful elements

Shielding humanity from the truth

The dangers that happen.

Love is a shield,

You can hide behind it for so long though.


The final part of this story:

The boy is now 19 years of age. He lost the girl, she betrayed him. Nothing to new for the boy.

He returns to his group, the fight to protect everyone now continues, the boy surrender his soul in order to protect everyone, he gained new powers, and this is where the past ends.


The Present:

That boy has gone through a lot

Nine years of torture.

But how do I know this boy?

How do I know his story?

Why do I reflect on it so much?

The answer is simply.

I am this boy,

This boy is I


My story continues from here:

I’ve meet new friends, and only a few short months ago my mentor and I split ways.

In order to protect a family, he needed to be free of this burden,

And I needed to be free of my dependence as well,

My dependence on him

I’m my own master now

Destiny is my friend, and now I must follow it, to the bitter end

However, I will not forget the words of my mentor, the words he spoke to me everyday

“Embrace your dreams, and no matter what, protect your honor”

Those words will never leave me, and they are now my code. My conduct code, my life code.












































So this offers you, my final reflection:


The world is not what it appears


But for the sake of humanity,


They need to believe that it is as it appears


That’s why I exist,
That’s why I do what I do


So the truth of this world?


To you that will always be hidden,


But to the boy, to me, it will always be told


It will always be protected, protected with honor


So don’t fear the truth, because I’m here


And the truth can’t harm you,


I promise


The light will always triumph over the darkness.


Even that which exists inside of me,


The truth of the world that is my burden


But to this day, I do not regret taking it on that day.


That faithful day nine years ago…

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