Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Showdown, Part 1

Hey Everyone,

I just have a little announcement here before this tale begins. From now on, I will be placing music in the posts that have inspired me while I was writing the particular post it is placed into. And for this tale, the song is called Fallen World by DragonForce. I highly recommend listening to this song either before or while you read the tale. Enjoy!:

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 32: The Showdown, Part 1

Rafael, Cissnei, and I all stood there as Siefer began to glow the color of darkness. He was stronger than ever and he didn’t even get the last power source of Gengora and project H.I.S. Rafael yelled to Cissnei to contact Xying and Donavan and tell them to get up here, we were going to need all the help that we could get. I looked back at Rafael and told him and Cissnei to stay back for now, I was going to distract him until all of our forces were here. I looked back towards Siefer and said to him that if he wanted a fight, than he got one. I stood strong and activated my power. My body started glowing the color of light, brighter than before. Both Siefer and I charged at each other, swords clashing almost instantly. The mountain top rumbled and the ground shock. With just that little burst of power, I could tell that this wasn’t going to be an easy fight, not at all.

Donavan and Xying started heading towards the mountain area as soon as they heard the swords clash. They ran as fast as they could to try and catch up with the rest of us. Xying got a call on her communicator, it was from Casey. She told Xying that there were unidentified lifeforms heading there way and that they needed to be extra careful. Right as Casey finished saying all of that, Xying heard Donavan shout. Whatever was coming after them, had found them. Donavan told Xying to get back and try to get a picture of them and send it to Rex so that they could identify them and that he would try to hold them off until she was ready. So Xying jumped behind a boulder and snapped a picture of the monsters and sent it Rex.

Rafael was just watching as Siefer and I were clashing swords and landing attacks on each other, probably thinking of the last time he was in a battle as big as this. He looked towards Cissnei and asked if she had gotten a response from Donavan or Xying yet? She shouted back no. Rafael then made a decision of his own. He told Cissnei to head back towards Hertoue and find out whats going on with the two of them. She asked what he was going to do. Rafael ran over to her and hugged her. He told her that he was going to help his good friend win this battle, then kissed Cissnei. They went there separate ways after that, Cissnei heading towards Hertoue, and Rafael ducking behind rock cover.

Siefer sent out a ray of dark energy towards me. Using the sword of light, I deflect his ray towards the sky and use the red repulser to send a stream of fire towards him. Siefer jumps out of the way and comes up from behind me and strikes me with his sword, sending me flying towards a cliff. He laughs and says that if this the worlds last line of defense then this world truly was doomed to fall. I stand up and take a defense position, preparing for his next attack. That’s when I see a small, but fast-moving, stream of wind pierce through Siefer’s back. I look in the direction of the power and I see Rafael crouched on a rock holding a fancy looking gun. Rex must have given him a present before we left. I used the opportunity to jump up and slash Siefer backwards. All that accomplished was making him more angry. He stood up and yelled, almost sounding like a roar. Now he was moving faster, continuously swing his sword sending ray after ray of dark energy towards both Rafael and I.

Rex finally was able to get a good look at the picture Xying had sent to him. X-Keller examined it and realized what the monsters were. They were the last remaining failed products of the H.I.S project. Siefer must have released them to distract us long enough to get the power he needed. X-Keller told Casey to contact Xying right away.

When Cissnei made it back down to Hertoue, she saw Xying and Donavan engaged in battle with some weird looking monsters. Cissnei ran to them to help them fight off the monsters. Xying saw her and asked what was going on up on the mountain. Cissnei told her that right now, we have to worry about whatever the hell these things are. Casey contacted Xying and told her what the monsters were. Cissnei told Xying to ask them how we can stop the monsters quickly because Rafael and I need their help. X-Keller jumped on the communication link and told Cissnei that these failed products are different than Siefer, they are really weak and can probably be taken down in about one or two strikes, but there are a lot of them. Xying grabbed the radio and said that they could handle it and ended the link. Xying looked at Donavan and Cissnei and said, we have to do this, for Nick. And with that, all three of them charged.

Rafael grabbed me and pulled me behind the rock for cover. He said that he just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I told him that its because he is taking energy from the power source right above us. Rafael asked if I had a plan. I told him that one of us had to destroy that power source, only then will Siefer stop gaining power. Thats when our cover blew up. Rocks went flying in all directions and Rafael and I were right on the edge of the plateau area. Siefer flew straight into the air towards the power source, getting ready to completely absorb the last powers of Gengora. Rafael was knocked out next to me, so I grabbed his gun and infused it with a light Elemental and sent a bullet of light towards him. Siefer sensed the bullet coming and dodged it, however I wasn’t aiming Siefer. The bullet pierced straight through the heart of the power source, the heart of Gengora.

Cissnei, Xying, and Donavan were hacking away at the H.I.S failures, taking out a lot of them, with a lot more to go. Donavan in front,  slashing with his sword  and taking them out one at time, Cissnei to the right doing the same, and Xying in the back using a gun to take them out at long range.

Rex and the others could  just listen to everything unfold. X-Keller finally couldn’t take it anymore and got up. Rex asked where he was going. X-Keller told him he couldn’t just sit here anymore and watch innocent young adults and children risk their lives for the mistakes that he made, he has to go help them fight. Casey stood up and said that she wanted to go too. Since they lost contact with me, Casey has been really afraid of what as happened. X-Keller tried to tell her no, but he learned something new about his daughter that day, that she is very stubborn. Rex asked how they planned to get there, since the airship was already taken. X-Keller said that he would start running. Rex said no need and told them to follow him.

I watched as the heart of Gengora began to glow a bright yellow color as the light merged with it. Eventually, the darkness all disappeared from it and the power source itself cracked and broke. It was gone. I looked towards Siefer and I saw the anger building inside of him. His sword began to glow very black and he turned around sending a strong ray of dark energy towards me. I tried to deflect it but it was no good. The ray hit the ground near me and the plateau began to crumble, sending both Rafael and I down towards the ground. I slammed on the ground below. Siefer landed on the ground and stood over me. He was screaming, YOU THINK YOU”VE WON?! YOU THINK YOU HAVE STOPPED ME?! I WILL DESTROY HUMANITY! STARTING WITH YOU NOW NICK!

I looked around at everything.  An unconscious Rafael close by, Cissnei, Xying, and Donavan fight for their lives, and I thought about X-Keller and Casey, how they were together again. Then I just thought about Casey and how I promised her I would come back. How much I still had to do, to live for. I wasn’t going to give up here. No way. It was finally time, time to unleash my new power.

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