Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Ambush

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 31: The Ambush

AUG 29, 2005

Casey convinced me and everyone else to sleep for the night before we put our plan into action, although by the look of Casey I don’t think she got that much sleep at all. I went over to her and asked if she was okay. She stared at the ground with a blank expression on her face and asked how I do it. How do I put myself in danger to protect the world? I grabbed her hand and told her that I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately and that I thought I had an answer to that question. I told her what Rafael has told me many times in the past. The ground that we are sitting on right now is the planet, not the world. The world is the people on the planet and each person has there own world. So to answer her question, I do what I do because everyone deserves to live and go through there life, to experience their own worlds. I also fight for my world, my family and the friends I’ve made from the Hero’s Alliance. I grabbed her hand tighter and with my other hand touched her cheek and told her that most importantly, I fight for her. Her eyes started to water and she kissed me. She pulled away and hugged me tight. In tears, she told me to come back alive today, to come back to her. I promised her that I would, and that when I did we would be together. We kissed again and then Rafael came and said that everyone was gathered around the table. I told him I would be there in a few minutes. I looked into Casey’s eyes one more time. I know that I am only 11, but I felt really strongly about her and I will do anything to protect her.

Casey and I got ourselves to the main conference area in Banorial. Rex and I stood at the head of the table and went over the plan with everyone one last time and after about an hour of review, everyone was ready. Cissnei, Xying, Donavan, Rafael, and myself geared up, getting ready one hell of a fight. Rex, Casey, and X-Keller pulled up the tracking data from the Gyrosphere to make sure Siefer was still on course. We planned to take the airship as far as the forests by Hertoue and travel on foot from there, making the estimated time of the trip about a day and a half. Once everything was setup and everyone was ready the five of us made our way to the airship. With Wreckler gone, Donavan volunteered to pilot the airship. Apparently, he’s pretty good at it. One last time before we left, I hugged Casey tight and told her that I was going to end all of this for her and for her chance to finally be with her real father. I turned to walk onto the airship, but I heard someone call my name. I turned around and X-Keller was there. He said that he had a few things to say before I left. He told me that after seeing me in action, planning the ambush and using the gyrosphere to track Siefer, that he knew he was right, that I truly am the next leader. His finally words to me were that he has seen me go through a lot in the little time I’ve been working with him, but he is confident that if anyone can stop Siefer, it was me. I said thank you and then I told him one last thing. I told him to look after his daughter. She was really happy to finally have met her real father and she wants to get to know him. I told X-Keller that if anything happens to me, she’s going to need him more than she already does.

I boarded the airship and we flew away, heading towards the forest outside of Hertoue. It took a few hours to reach the forest and Donavan managed to land the airship safely in an open field. He was actually really good at flying that ship. We all exited the ship and Rafael radioed Rex to get Siefer’s current location. Rafael told me that Siefer has moved closer to the mountains, if we start moving now then we will reach him before he can get to the last power source. We all started moving as fast as we could. Nightfall came but we had no time to rest, we had to keep going. Around noon the next day we had reached Hertoue, the mountains not that far away. I told Xying and Donavan to wait here in case Siefer’s path changes and he comes through Hertoue and Rafael, Cissnei, and I made our way up to the mountains. As we climbed up, we came across a plateau which stood right below the last power source. We all found hiding spots and waited for Siefer to show up. After about a half hour of nothing, something shot down from the sky. Siefer was standing in the middle of the plateau area. I signaled to Rafael and Cissnei that the time had come. I drew my two swords and charged them up with the Elemental powers, as did Rafael and Cissnei. Then we all leaped out and charged at Siefer. He turned around and deflected us all. He walked towards us and started laughing. He pointed his sword towards me and said that it was a nice attempt at a plan, but it wasn’t good enough.

Siefer charged up his body, glowing that purple/black color again, his eyes glowing darker than ever. This was it, this has to end here, for all the people that he hurt and killed. All the people in the Hero’s Alliance building, all the lives he destroyed, it ends here!! The final showdown has begun, and we will win.

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