Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: A New Plan

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 30: A New Plan

X-Keller, Casey, and I walked back into the main room where everyone else was. They all gave X-Keller dirty looks and Rafael and Rex ran up to us. I held out my head and said that he was fine, I let him out. They looked at me and asked why I would do such a thing, why I would let an untrustworthy man like him loose. I looked back at him and Casey and she smiled at me. I looked back at Rafael and said because in order to beat Siefer we would need all the help we could get and that something in me knew he could be trusted. They all seemed reluctant but I asked all of them to trust me and that I wouldn’t let anything happen to any of them.

I turned to Rex and told him that it was time to put whatever plan he had into action and that we needed to start right now. Rex gave a dirty look in X-Keller’s direction but then he turned back and headed towards the computer and started typing. I asked him to hand me the files he had lying on the table and I started reading through them. If I was really suppose to be a leader now, I had to start acting like one. After I sent a couple of hours going over the ideas and plans I called everyone else to the computer area to explain what was going to happen.

Rafael, Cissnei, Xying, Donavan, X-Keller, and Casey all gathered around as Rex and I began to explain how we planned to end all of this. I started off by telling everyone the real reason we were at the Hero’s Alliance headquarters. We went there to take the gyrosphere for a reason that had been unclear to me until just a few hours ago. The Gyrosphere can hide what or whoever from what or whoever the user of the device chooses, so its obvious that it can be useful in hiding us from Siefer if we choose to hide ourselves. However, that was not the reason that we needed it. Rex had been doing research into the device and had figured out a way to use the device as a tracker. The way that it works is that you can infuse the device with a symbolic piece of somethings or someones energy signal and it will trace the matching energy signal so that we know exactly where the thing or person is.

Therefore, the plan was to infuse a piece of Siefer’s energy into the Gyrosphere in order to track his movements. And once we have an idea of his location, we are going to try and predict his next move and ambush him. It wouldn’t be an easy fight, but if we can catch him off guard we might have a slight upper hand. Everyone seemed to be on board with the plan, even X-Keller, who seemed to be in shock at everything we had figured out about the Gyrosphere. Cissnei asked what we were going to use to infuse with the sphere to track Siefer’s energy signal. Rex stood up and held up a gem. This was the gem that was used to bring Rafael back from the dead, and even though it had been drained, it was still infused with a some of the power of Gengora. And since Siefer had infused and absorbed the rest of Gengora, the gem will work.

Rex and I brought out the sphere. This was the first time I had gotten a really good look at it. It was a sphere, but it was made out of pure energy glowing all different colors. Rex handed me the gem and I threw it into the gyrosphere. It began to react, changing colors and swirling in all different directions. I looked up at the computer screen and suddenly two blinking red lights appeared on screen. One in the mountain areas just pasted Hertoue, and one in the burnt remains of Nimbasa.

X-Keller stood up and said that he knew where Siefer was heading. On the mountain area a little passed Hertoue was the last remaining source of the H.I.S project. And this source just happened to be the strongest source of the humanoids power, the last piece that Siefer needs in order to be unstoppable. So if the one signal was that source of power, then the dot by Nimbasa most be Siefer.

After a minute of contemplation, I decided that the best place to cut him off and ambush him would be in Hertoue right before he could get to the mountains.  I told Rafael, Cissnei, Xying, and Donavan that they would be coming with me to ambush Siefer. I told Rex, Casey, and X-Keller that they would stay behind and monitor the Siefer’s location and tell me if anything changes. With the new plan made and my direction given all of use went where we were suppose to go and prepared ourselves. I’m not sure if I acted as a good leader or not, but what I do now is that this was the start of the final battle.

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