Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Father and Daughter

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 29: Father and Daughter

I felt Casey grab my hand tighter. She didn’t know what to do next. I could tell she was feeling a little overwhelmed. X-Keller stood up and asked what I meant by her father. I took out the picture and necklace that Casey had shown me a while back, and held them up for X-Keller to see. I told him that these were the last two pieces of her real parents she had left. X-Keller grabbed the necklace and he realized right away. He said that this was the necklace that his wife had special made for their daughter practically a week before she was born and when he left Melanie that night his wife was murdered, he left it with her. Then he looked up at Casey and said that it was really her, he was finally reunited with his daughter.

Casey was still in shock, she didn’t know what to say or what to do. I said that maybe this was too soon to have introduced her and I started to pull her away. She snapped out of my grip and ran up to the cell and screamed at X-Keller asking why he left her. Why he never came looking for her. I turned around and told her that I would give her some time alone with him and she said no, she wanted me to stay. She said that both of us knew what happened and she wanted to make sure that whatever X-Keller told her was the truth. Here I thought all of that quiet and shakiness in her was shock but instead it was anger, which I also excepted. She looked at him and told him to start talking.

X-Keller explained to her about the Dark Defender Alliance coming into the house that night looking for the data on the X-Cells that he had created and that in order to show how serious they were they killed his wife, her mother. After that, he fought of the men and grabbed Casey and ran as far away as he could. Realizing Casey would never be safe with him he dropped her off at an orphanage in hopes she would have a better and safer life. And then he managed to find and destroy the Dark Defenders Alliance.

Casey looked at me to tell whether he was telling the truth or not. I went to her and grabbed her hands and told her that all of that was the truth and I know this because I’ve looked into his memories. She said thank you and then turned back to X-Keller and asked after he destroyed the Dark Defenders Alliance and “avenged” her mother’s death, then why didn’t he come looking for her, why he didn’t try to come back into his daughters life. He said because she was better off without him. He had made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that have led to a lot of bad things. He looked at his daughter and told her that he wishes he could take everything back, everything he did because if he could he might still have his wife and he never would have had to leave Casey. He regretted everything he had done and that he was sorry. For the first time ever, I saw X-Keller tear up. He said he thought he was doing the right thing, trying to save the world, but the way he went about it was horrible and all he wanted to do was fix his mistakes, both with what he unleashed within Siefer and his mistakes with Casey.

I saw Casey tear up now and she went over to X-Keller and hugged him saying that she was very happy to meet her daddy. He hugged her back and said that he was happy that his daughter was healthy and living a happy life and that he got to see her again. Casey turned to me and told X-Keller that she had become really happy because of me. I said no, I don’t give me that much credit. X-Keller looked at me too and said no, I deserved a lot of credit because even after everything he had done to me and to my friends, I still brought him and his daughter back together. I told him that I didn’t do it for him, I did it for Casey because I care about her and she makes me happier than I’ve been in a very long time. However, I did do one thing.

I took a key from my pocket and unlocked X-Keller from his handcuffs. I told him that after seeing him apologize for his mistakes, I could see how sincere he was about regretting what he did and for some reason, I trusted him again. And also, now that he was reunited with his daughter, it wouldn’t be right keeping him locked away from her. X-Keller thanked me and Casey kissed me. Then Casey and X-Keller hugged. Father and daughter were finally together. I was happy to see this. For a second, I forgot everything bad going on and just lived in this moment. However, everything quickly came back. I had another reason for letting X-Keller go once I felt I could trust him. If I really am a leader, the way X-Keller said I was, I needed to start making smart decisions, and in order to fight Siefer, I’ll need all the help I can get.

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