Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Next Leader

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 28: The Next Leader

AUG 28, 2005

I woke up the next morning in Banorial, with Casey and Xying watching over me. When Casey saw I was awake she grabbed me and hugged me, practically in tears saying over and over how happy she was that I was okay. I looked over at Xying and said thank you for helping me. She blushed and said that it was no problem and that I would have done the same thing for her. I stood up and walked out towards the statue area. Down by the water I saw Rafael and Cissnei talking, and it didn’t seem to be going as bad as I thought it would. I walked over to greet them.

They both looked at me and asked how I was doing. I said I was a little sore but I could manage. I asked how they were doing, with everything. Cissnei looked at me and said that they talked all last night and that even though she should be mad that he didn’t tell her he was alive, she was just happy that she had another chance to be with him. She kissed him and he kissed back. They were happy. At least one issue in our new group here was resolved.

I found Rex on the computer in what was now the main meeting room. I asked him where X-Keller and Wreckler were. Rex that Wreckler bolted yesterday once he heard X-Keller was coming here and that he made a makeshift cell for X-Keller in an empty area a little farther down in the caves. I asked if he could show me exactly where it was. He asked me why? I said that I needed to talk to him before anyone else did. Rex said that he understood and walked me towards the cell.

He opened the door to the cell and I walked in. X-Keller was sitting there and looked up at me. I looked back and told that things didn’t have to be this way, that he has made things get this far. He looked up and said that the how, the when, and the why doesn’t matter anymore. He admitted that he made a mistake, that he never should have continued the lies that Siefer had been fed. But whats done is done and now the Hero’s Alliance had been destroyed and a lot of innocent had lost their lives. I could hear the emotion in his voice, he truly was upset about happened at the Hero’s Alliance.

I told him that if he truly understood that his actions were a mistake, then he needed to help us now to stop Siefer, that we need to end this. He said that there was nothing he could do anymore, that his time was up. I asked him what the hell he was talking about. He told me that everyone here needs a leader to guide them, someone who is strong, confident, and good-hearted. He told me that they needed me to lead them to end this. He looked me in the eye and told me he was sorry for his actions and that he had me hunted, he just wanted to bring me back to the Alliance. He told me that the decisions were mine now, that I was the next leader. He said I was the last hope we all had.

I asked him, why me? Why he felt I was the one that needed to do all of this. He said because I was the one. And then he passed out from exhaustion. The one? What the hell did he mean by that? I sat there for second, thinking. After a little bit I realized what I had to do. X-Keller said I was the next leader so thats what I needed to do. I was going to rise up and stand up to Siefer and all of this madness before anyone else got hurt. I looked back at a passed out X-Keller. First, there was a promise I made to a special someone that I had to keep.

I walked back out to the main room and Rex asked what went on when I talked to X-Keller. I told him that I would explain later. I ran to find Casey and told her that she had to come with me right now. She looked at me and said okay, but she asked me why. I told her to trust me.

We walked down the hallway to X-Keller’s cell and he was awake by the time we got there. I grabbed Casey’s hand, looked into her eyes and told her to say hello to Jonathan X-Keller, her father.

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