Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Reunited, Part 2

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 27: Reunited, Part 2

Rafael, Cissnei, Xying, Donavan, and X-Keller are trying to escape the building, while I try to stop Siefer from destroying it. Siefer dents multiple rays of darkness that all try to close in on me. I use the sword to deflect them and send them back towards Siefer. He jumps out of the way which forces the rays to hit the building, it shakes. I hold my arm out and charge up an energy orb of light and send it at Siefer. Siefer tries to dodge, but it hits me, sending him flying out of the building. I fly out after him to stop him from getting back into the building.

Siefer looks at me and says to get out of his way and let him kill X-Keller, he said he knew I wanted him dead. I looked back at him and said first of all you’ve killed enough people today so you don’t get to go near anyone else and second of all X-Keller might have made a lot of mistakes, some of which have turned deadly, that doesn’t mean I want him dead. Besides, I made a promise to someone that she would be able to meet him, and I plan to keep that promise. He brushed me off and said that my faith in this world and humanity will be my downfall. I retorted that his infusion with Gengora and belief that all humans are evil because a few lied to him will be his. Our swords clashed again, releasing bursts of light and darkness.

Xying and Donavan stopped and looked up at Siefer and I. They asked Rafael what had happened to me, why I seemed stronger. Rafael looked at both of them and said that he promised to explain everything once they were out of the building and to safety. X-Keller tried to say something and Rafael told him to shut the hell up and that right now he was in charge. X-Keller jumped in front of Rafael and destroyed the big chunk of building that was going to hit him that X-Keller tried to warn him about. X-Keller looked at Rafael and said you’re welcome and they continued to run.

Siefer rubbed his hand along the base of his sword and it began to glow the same purple/black color he was. Then the sword moved like it had a mind of its own. Streams of dark energy just kept firing at me. I dodged what I could but I got hit and slammed onto the nearest cliff. Siefer said that he was tired of all of this and tired of starring at this building. He began to yell at the top of his lungs and began to charge power. The aura around him expanded and his arm began to be engulfed by darkness. I got up and flew over in the direction of Siefer’s attack. I radioed Rafael and told him that I was buying him some more time to get out of the building before Siefer destroys the whole damn thing. I estimated that they had about 3 minutes to get out. Rafael radioed back and asked what I was going to do. I told him to tell Casey that I’m sorry for what I’m about to do, especially if I don’t come back from it.

I leaped into the air and Siefer sent out his attack. A gigantic ray of darkness, full of power and dark energy, was hurled at the building. I jumped in front of it and put all of my light energy into my sword to try and block the attack for as long as I could. However, it wasn’t very long. I was sent flying towards the building and the attack made contact, the building crumbled as I was tangled in the mess. I just hope everyone else managed to get out.

Seifer laughed as the building crumble to a giant pile of nothing. Then he flew away assuming that the job was done. Rafael and everyone else had made it out in time and the started searching for me in the rubble. I burst out of a pile of crumbled building and everyone rushed over to see if I was okay. I stood up and then collapsed to the ground, Xying caught me and I looked up at her. I realized that she had really pretty eyes, which was a random though considering I had just practical been crushed by a building, but whatever.

Xying asked if I was okay and I said yeah, just a little bit banged up. I told her I was happy to see her and she held me tighter. Everyone else rushed over. Rafael pulled out a pair off these special handcuffs Rex and Wreckler had designed and put them on X-Keller. He said that these were only temporary until we have a talk back at Banorial.

I knew that there were still issues, Rafael explaining to Cissnei about him being alive, X-Keller explaining himself to try and win our trust again, and other things. But at this moment, none of it mattered. Because we were all reunited, and together we would avenge the death of all the people that died today and put an end to Siefer. But first, I needed to rest, and I shut my eyes.  Blackness.

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