Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Gyrosphere

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 25: The Gyrosphere

Casey and I made our way back to Rex and Rafael. Rex asked if I was ready to go. I said if he meant did I have the new power he was talking about, then yes, I’m ready to go. Casey leaned against me and asked what the new power was. I said that it definitely wasn’t the power of “the weapon” anymore. I just wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was yet. Rex interpreted and said that its okay if it wasn’t clear now, when the time came it would all become clear.

Now it was time to find Siefer and put an end to all of this. Rex opened up files and blueprints. When I looked closer, I noticed that the blueprints were maps and diagrams of the Hero’s Alliance headquarters. I asked why Rex had all of this data on the Hero’s Alliance building. He said because there was one last object that was needed in order to find Siefer and try and predict his next move. He looked at all of us and told us that we needed to steal the gyrosphere.

Rafael and I both looked at him and asked if he was nuts. X-Keller would have that thing guarded with his life. Why do we need the gyrosphere? Rex said because with the that we would be able to track anyone and anything hidden by it. I thought for a second, and according to the memories of X-Keller’s I saw, it made a lot of sense to take the gyrosphere from him. Rex said that all of us couldn’t go there because some needed to stay back to monitor the situation in case something does go wrong. He continued to say that it made sense to send the two people that have physical worked and been inside the building while Casey and himself said behind and monitored.

Casey said no. She wanted to go and help. I grabbed her and told that that was way way to dangerous. Its already dangerous just her being here. X-Keller and the Hero’s Alliance are hunting me as it is, so going directly there is definitely going to call a lot of deadly attention. I hugged her and said that I was sorry, but I wasn’t going to let her come with us. She hugged back and told me that she understood, but I better come back. I told her that I would. I pulled away from her and went over to the screen to look at the blueprints of the building.

According to X-Keller’s memories, the gyrosphere is located at the very bottom floor of the Hero’s Alliance building. Rafael said that the best way to get there would to sneak in through the old entrance to Hollzad’s now abandoned lab. From there we would have to break into the old shaft elevator that only X-Keller had the passkey to open. Rex interpreted and said that he might be able to hack into the system and unlock it from here. So that was our plan. Rafael and I geared up. I put the sword of light and red repulser on my back. Casey walked in and stood there. I asked if she was okay. She came closer and kissed me. She made me promise I would be okay and i would come back. I promised her I would and started heading to the exit to Banorial. She stopped me and asked on more thing. She asked me to try not to kill her father. I told her that I wouldn’t, not until she got to meet him.

I meet Rafael by the exit and we left. It was going to take us a few days to make it to the building, so we began our journey. Three days later, we were finally there. Of course, X-Keller had increased security around the building. I waited in a secluded spot as Rafael scouted out the point of entry. When he came back he said that the coast was clear. I radioed Rex and told him we were making our way into the building. We managed to sneak around undetected and entered Hollzad’s old lab. A lot of bad memories here. And new one was coming. Two infantryman walked in as we entered and told us to freeze. Rafael swiftly knocked the two men out and started moving towards the shaft elevator.

Rafael contacted Rex and said we were at the elevator. Then we felt a shake, and an alarm went off in the building. The building was under attack. And there was only one person who would be attacking it. Siefer was here.

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