Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Reunited, Part 1

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 26: Reunited, Part 1

AUG 27, 2005

There was another shake, and then another. Rafael and I looked at each. I told him to head down to the basement and grab the gyrosphere while everyone was distracted. He asked what I was going to do. I told him I was going to help them fight, despite the fact that they are trying to hunt me down and kill me. I ran back outside to see what was happening from there. What I saw was a giant hole in the building, with some of the rooms surrounding it on fire. I saw Siefer flying into the hole to enter the building. Apparently he created his own entrance.

I found an abandoned glider in Hollzad’s old lab and activated it. I flew into the building through the hole Siefer created. When I landed, there was nothing but a path of destruction and dead bodies. Some of the people I had gotten to know from the Alliance now lay dead, exactly what Siefer wanted. I wasn’t going to let him get away with this. I followed the path that Siefer had left and it lead me to the center of the building. I saw Cissnei trying to fight Siefer off, but she wasn’t doing to well. I activated the glider and as Siefer went to attack her, I pile-drived him and pushed him against the wall. I held my hand out to help Cissnei up.

She looked at me and got up and hugged me. She said she couldn’t believe I was here but no matter, she was happy to see me. I told her I was happy to see her, but that we didn’t have a lot of time to catch up. I asked if Xying and Donavan were okay. She said yes, they were up on the top floor protecting X-Keller. Thats when Siefer started laughing and said that they won’t be safe for long then. He was glowing that black/purple color he was before, he was using the powers of Gengora. I told Cissnei to run and try and find cover, Siefer was a lot more dangerous than she thought. Siefer said damn right he was and slammed his hand against the wall and the wall began to crumble. I told Cissnei to grab a glider and get to the top floor and get Xying, Donavan, and X-Keller out of here, and I would hold Siefer off. The building was on its last legs, the top half could completely collapse at any moment, all caused by one man. I hope this new power I obtained would be able to stand up.

Siefer looked at me and said that he sensed something different about me. I said that he was damn right there was. My eyes and body began to glow a yellow/gold color, even the glider was glowing, making it stronger and almost like a part of my body (I finally had wings too!) I looked at him and said, meet Heroic Mode. I drew the sword of light and that began to glow the same color, making it stronger. Siefer said that this would be fun. We charged and the swords clashed.

Meanwhile, Cissnei landed on the top floor and found Xying, Donavan, and X-Keller and said they had to leave now. X-Keller asked where Siefer was. Cissnei said that I was handling him. All three of them were shocked and asked what was going on. Cissnei said that there wasn’t really time for explanations. Thats when the swords clashed, causing another shake, and for rubble to fall. Cissnei got the three of them out of the way and was about to get hit, but the rubble was slashed in pieces before it could hit her. Cissnei looked up and Rafael was standing in front of her.

Siefer and I were pushed back. Siefer held up his hand and sent a ray of darkness, I held out my hand and sent out a ray of light to counteract. They collided and destroyed each other. When the smoke cleared, Siefer wasn’t standing there anymore. Suddenly, I was hit from the back by an orb of darkness. If I could release one of the new powers I got, I could blast him out of here, but it would cause the entire building to fall and with everyone still inside I couldn’t risk it. So right now, I’m limited.

Cissnei couldn’t say anything. Rafael asked if she was okay and then got her up. X-Keller went to say something and Rafael held his sword to him. He said that he should kill X-Keller for everything he has done, but theres more important things to do. X-Keller said there was something they needed to get before they left. Rafael held up the gyrosphere and said that no there isn’t and told everyone to get out of the building. Cissnei was finally about to say something, but Rafael said that they needed to get out of the building before he could explain everything. But the gliders had been broken, so they had to make there way down on foot.

Rafael radioed me and said that he meet up with Cissnei and the others and to give them about ten minutes to get out of the building. I said I got it. Siefer and I were standing face to face. I thought to myself, well we are all reunited, but we aren’t done yet.

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