Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Under Fire

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 22: Under Fire

Aug 23, 2005

Rafael, Casey, and I stood in the forest waiting for the airship Rex was sending for us. I was still worried about Casey being here. Yesterday when she announced she was coming I tried to talk her out of it. I told her it would be too dangerous and I couldn’t handle it if anything were to happen to her. She looked at me and asked how she expected me to have her handle it if something happened to me, and that I was going to protect her so she was going to come to protect me. I told her that it would be safer here anyway from danger, but she was stubborn as always. Her last argument was that if she came there is a chance that she may run into her real father, and she had to meet him. As much as I didn’t want her to meet her father, because I knew what would most likely happen the next time X-Keller and I ran into each other, I couldn’t deny her that chance especially everything she’s been put through because of me. So that is why she is here right now.

I went to her and asked how she was feeling. She said that that was a really hard question to answer at the moment. She was upset and hurt about her true identity and family, nervous but excited to leave her and go on this journey, but above all she said she was happy that I was here with her. We heard a strange noise from the distance. Rafael shouted here’s our ride and pointed towards the sky. A huge object was coming towards us, it wasn’t a helicopter or an air plane, it looked more like a battleship merged with a plane, only smaller than both of them.

Casey asked if nobody could really see that. Rafael said that thanks to her father a lot of things like this are hidden from the world. The ship landed and a ramp shot down for all of us to board. We walked on and Casey and mine’s faces lit up. It was amazing inside. So big and fancy looking. Rafael walked towards the pilot’s hub to see who was driving the ship. He came back with the pilot, who he introduced as Jonathan Wreckler, a man that has been working with Rafael and Rex the entire time. Wreckler looked at me like he’s known me forever and shook my head and then Casey’s. He returned to his post and we took off towards Nimbasa. I was finally going to meet Rex.

It took a only a few hours to get to Nimbasa in this airship, apparently named The Altina. However when we got there, it wasn’t a pretty sight. The entire city was under fire, literally. The place was up in flames. And of course, who was standing in the middle of all of it? Siefer himself. He must have found out Rex’s location and tried to destroy this place before we could get back. I could’t let Siefer get away again. I ran over and grabbed a glider and opened the hanger door. Casey screams what are you doing and I look at Rafael and tell him to go find Rex and anyone else who might be here, I’m going to hold off Siefer. Then I jumped.

I opened the glider and flew down to the ground and landed in front of Siefer. He looked at me and said took you guys long enough. I drew my swords and asked him what he was doing. He said that he told us he had something to do. Rex had become a problem and needed to be stopped before he went and ended X-Keller and the Hero’s Alliance. I told him that none of that was happening and that this ended here. He laughed and drew his sword. Then he said alright, lets play for a little bit.

He swung his sword sending out darkness. I activated the glider and flew to avoid it then sent rays of light towards him. He dodged and sent dark orbs at me, hitting and disabling the glider. I fell to the ground and Siefer walked over to me. I swept out his leg and jumped for his falling body and sent a stream of fire at him, increasing his pain. However, all of the smoke from the flames was starting to get to me. Siefer stood up and said that I was getting better every day. Then sent out his wing and flew away. I screamed for him to get back so I could finish this. But he was gone.

I had to find were the airship landed and make sure everyone was okay. I heard screaming coming from a distance and started to run towards it. The smoke’s effect was getting worse and worse and then I just couldn’t take anymore. Everything went black as I hit the ground.

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