Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Daughter of X-Keller

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 21: The Daughter of X-Keller

Casey asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t answer her, I was still in shock. This picture was X-Keller, the young version of him I saw in the mind seeker. And if this is a picture of her father, than Casey is Melanie, the daughter X-Keller gave up after the Dark Defender Alliance killed his wife and destroyed his home. I grabbed the necklace out of the box and looked at it. There was an inscription on it. It said “Melanie Guro”. Casey told me that she thought that might have been her mothers name. I gently grabbed her hands and looked her in the eyes and told her that it wasn’t here mother’s name, its her name and that the man in the picture is my ex-boss, Jonathan X-Keller. Her eyes widen, now she was the one in shocked.

She asked me how I knew all of this, how I knew her both parents. I explained to her about the mind seeker and what X-Keller showed me about his past. About how her mother was killed by a horrible group of people and X-Keller gave her away in order to protect her from these people while he searched for them and avenged her mothers death. She asked me if he ever did. I told that he did, that he killed the leader of the organization and seized control of it, which is how the Hero’s Alliance was formed. She asked me if there was a way to meet him. I hesitated. I told her some of the stuff X-Keller had done, but I didn’t go into full detail. I didn’t want to expose her to the true monster that her father was. So I told her that maybe not right now, not until everything with Siefer was settled. She said oh, and then got up. She said that she just wanted to be alone for a little bit. I told her I was sorry if I upset her. She said that I didn’t and that she was grateful that I told her. She bent down and kissed me on the cheek and walked outside.

I walked out to the living room and saw Rafael sitting there. He knew I was upset and asked what was wrong and said that I should be sitting on top of the world now that I have someone I care about. I told him that Casey was X-Keller’s daughter. His eyes widened as well, a common theme at this point, however he recovered quickly. He asked if I had told her and I said yes, that she had a right to know and before he asked I told him that I think she’s taking it hard, I know I would. He told me that he knew I was worried about her but the best thing to do right now is give her space to work it all out in her head. I told him he was right, plus we had to think of way to get to Nimbasa to meet up with Rex and figure out Siefer’s next move. Rafael said that he was able to get a signal on his phone, so if he could keep that up he may be able to transmit an SOS message to Rex and then get an airship to come get us. I asked what an airship was, and he just looked at me and said that thats not important right now.

We sat in silence for a few minutes. Rafael was trying to get the SOS message to send to Rex and I was worried about Casey. She still hadn’t come back inside yet. I hope she was okay. I stood up and went outside. She was standing on the deck, crying. I grabbed her and told her that I know it must be hard to learn all of this, to learn that your mother is gone and your father is unreachable. I looked her in the eye and promised her that once all of the craziness was done I would find a way for her to meet her father. She kissed me and told me to stay here with her, not to go. She said she had already lost her birth family for the most part, she didn’t lose me too. I told her I had to go, I had to stop Siefer for everyone’s sake, for her sake. If Siefer isn’t stopped then everyone is dead and I refused to let him do that to anyone, especially her the person I cared most about in this world. I promised her I would come back to her, then I walked inside.

Once back inside, Rafael told me he had sent the message, Rex was sending an airship for us and it would be here in the morning. We had to meet him in the forest where we appeared before. I told him okay, then we can put an end to this. Then Casey came in the room. She stood in front of both of us, and said that she was coming too.

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