Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Truth and Lies

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 20: Truth and Lies

AUG 22, 2005, 1:00 am

Rafael and I couldn’t believe that Casey could see him. We were both silent for a few minutes until Casey hugged me again and asked if I was okay. She noticed all of the cuts and bruises and asked what happened. Rafael finally spoke up and said that we need a more private place to talk about it. Casey said that her mom was still in the hospital and her dad was away on a business trip so her house was empty. So we all headed to her house.

When we got there, she grabbed me and forced me to sit down to check my wounds. I told her I was fine and she said no you aren’t and kept checking me and bandaged me up. She did the same to Rafael. Then she asked were I have really been and what was really going on. I came back with a question of my own. I asked where she thinks I’ve been. Apparently everyone was told I was going on a long trip with a group from my school to explore nature out in Costa Rica. Well, X-Keller’s elaborate, I’ll give him that. I look at Rafael as to ask for conformation to tell her the truth and he nods his head yes. I look back at Casey and grab her hands. I tell her that none of that was true. That it was a lie developed by a man named Jonathan X-Keller, my ex-leader. Then I told explained everything else to her, very reluctantly. I explained about the cells, the gyrosphere, X-Keller, me running away, Rafael and his revival, the battle with Siefer and Gengora.

After about two hours of explanation, I waited for her to say I was crazy and tell us to get out. After a few minutes of silence she grabbed me and held me tight and started crying, saying to me that she was happy that I was alive and didn’t know what she would do if I had dead during all of this. I was shocked, so shocked I asked of she really believed me. She said of course she did. She always knew I was keeping something from her, and now she knows the truth and she thanked me. She thanked me for telling her the truth and and for protecting the world, her protecting her. Then she kissed me, and I kissed back. Then I heard Rafael clear his throat and we stopped.

Now we had to think of a plan to get to Rex at Nimbasa. Casey stood up and said that we weren’t going anywhere until we rested a little bit. She said we were staying here for the rest of the day until tomorrow morning. Rafael and I decided that it would probably be a good idea to rest a little bit, so we did. I was still trying to figure out how Casey could see Rafael. Everyone not involved with the Hero’s Alliance should not be able to see him because X-Keller put him under the gyrosphere. While I was thinking Casey came from behind, turned me around and kissed me again. When we stopped, she said that I didn’t look very relaxed so she wanted to help me relax. I smiled and said thank you. Then she told me that since I told her my secret, she wanted to tell me hers.

She took me into her room and went to her dresser and pulled out a box. She told me that her parents aren’t her real parents. She had been adopted as a baby. She was left at an orphanage as a baby, so she didn’t know her real parents. She said that it made her really sad at some points, especially when she was younger. I grabbed her hand and told her I was sorry and would do whatever I could to help. She said that its okay, she gave up trying to find them a long time ago. She only had two things from her past she could look at. She opened the box and inside was a necklace and a picture of her real father. She showed me the picture, and he looked very familiar. Then it clicked, but it couldn’t be, it just couldn’t. The man in the picture, the man who was her real father, was Jonathan X-Keller.

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