Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Underground Battle

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 19: Underground Battle

Siefer lifted up his hand and exerted a force strong even to push Rafael back. Rafael fell to the surface and Siefer swung his sword and sent continuous beams of darkness at him. I jumped in and blocked the darkness with beams of light from the sword of light. I looked up at Siefer and yelled that this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with darkness. He spat back that its the first time I’ve never dealt with darkness this strong. He lifted his hand a giant orb of dark energy formed and he sent it flying towards us and it sent both Rafael and I backwards, we were both able to regain balance back pretty easily. When we did, Rafael yelled to me to throw him the red repulser, so I grabbed it and chucked it at him. He caught it and sent dual flame streams towards Siefer, knocking him backwards.

Rafael shouted to him that it didn’t have to be this way, that it didn’t matter if he was human or humanoid, he was still his friend. Siefer said that everyone just needed him around for a purpose and when that was done no one wanted him around, so Rafael would just do the same thing. Siefer was so blinded by his anger towards Mitox and X-Keller for using him and lying to him about his past that he couldn’t trust anyone anymore, not even someone he once considered a best friend. Siefer flew straight at us and we both defended against his attack, deflecting him backwards.

Siefer stood up and said that he had something else he needed to take care of right now and that he would spare the two of use for now, but he couldn’t let us stay here so we had to leave. Rafael got up and said that he aren’t going anywhere, not until all of those pods and Gengora is destroyed. Siefer just looked at him and said that he didn’t have a choice. Siefer hovered in the air and raised both of his arms, creating a huge orb of darkness, and he sent it flying towards us. When it hit us, everything went black. About five seconds later we were outside in a forest somewhere, and Siefer was gone.

Rafael slammed his fist on the ground and yelled damn it. I sat there, thinking that Gengora must have really completely infused with Siefer, that’s the only way that he could have gotten all that power. And that does seem like enough power to completely erase the human species. We can’t let Siefer do this, we can’t let him kill a bunch of innocent people because a few of them pissed him off. I stood about and grabbed Rafael. I told him that he couldn’t sit around here and be angry and upset, we need to come up with a way to beat Siefer before we can unleash his power on the people of the world.

Rafael stood up and said that I was right, He said he had to get back to Nimbasa and talk to Rex. Apparently before Rafael left to find me at Hertoue, Rex said that he had a plan to stop Siefer and that they would discuss it when Rafael got back. I said alright and that he had to head to Nimbasa then. But the only problem is, we don’t know where we are anymore. When Siefer transported us (I guess thats the way to put it) he put us in a different spot then we were before.

We got up and started walking, hoping to find something familiar to help guide us. After walking for a few minutes, we can to a road, a busy road. It looked very familiar to me, and then it finally all clicked in my head. This was the woods by my therapists office. The woods where Casey and I first really got to know each other. I looked at Rafael and said that he weren’t anywhere near Nimbasa anymore, we were by my house. I suggested we rest at my house, but X-Keller still had my cover story active (still unsure of what that is), so if I showed up it may raise questions. Rafael said that we didn’t have to worry about him because he is hidden from the “normals” by the gyrosphere. That was a relief, because all of a sudden we heard a noise, someone was coming. Casey appeared through the bushes. Her face lit up when she saw me. She ran up and hugged me  like she hadn’t seen me in a long time (maybe she hasn’t). Then she looked up and asked who my friend was. Rafael and I were beyond stunned. How could she see Rafael?…

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