Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Gengora

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 18: Gengora

Rafael was in shock at the hideout, like it had been something he had been looking for for a long time. I asked Rafael what he meant by he had found Gengora. Rafael took off running, and I took off after. I yelled out to him asking what he was doing, but he was completely lost, focused on whatever was going on in his head.

He had finally stopped at a big steel door that seemed completely bolted shut. I caught up to him and he turned and asked me if I still had my ID card for the Hero’s Alliance. I said yes but my privileges were probably taken away by now so it wouldn’t be useful at all. He turned back to the door and said that they would just have to find another way in then. Rafael drew his sword and attached a strange Elemental to it. He told me that I would probably want to stand back. His sword ignited in huge flames and he swung at the door and a ring of fire shot out from it and attached itself onto the door. Then the ring exploded. Though it was an impressive tactic, the door still stood tall when the smoke cleared.

I told Rafael that it was my turn to try and that if I busted the door down I wanted to know what he was freaking out about. I stood in front of the door and activated my weapon strength, grabbing both the sword of light and red repulser. They both began to glow and I struck at the door in an X shape and the door broke open. I smiled at Rafael as a way of gloating but he was way to distracted to care. He ran into the door and I followed. Just one look and I realized what Rafael was freaking out about. Behind the door was a bunch of tubes and containers all labeled with different codes, some still containing the test subjects inside of them. And everything was connected back to one big room at the top of the stairs. I knew right away, this was Project H.I.S and the room at the top of the stairs is where Gengora was. The first humanoid specimen, the cause of all of this, and Rafael and I had found her.

We made our way up the stairs and entered the room. And there she was, right in front of us. Gengora, the first humanoid. Rafael readied his sword and said that he was going to stop all of this right now. He activated his sword’s Elemantals and swung. Thats when we were dive-bombed and sent plummeting  deeper down into the inner workings and pipe systems of the hideout. When we stood back up, Siefer was standing in front of us.

Rafael and I stood up and got ready for a fight. Siefer looked at Rafael and said that he was the hooded guy that was getting in his way. Rafael looked at him and said that Gengora is a ticking time bomb and that if she isn’t stopped soon then she will use her power to destroy the earth. Siefer just looked up and said that he knows that, and that he’s willing to do what it takes to help her. I asked why, why was he turning on everything and everyone. Siefer replied because she was the one who gave him life and because he had been manipulated and used by this world for everyone else’s purpose and it was time that he decided his journey and destiny for himself. I looked at him and asked what his plan was then exactly.

He laughed and said that he saw no harm in me knowing the truth, since Rafael probably hadn’t told me anything. Siefer said that in order for Gengora to recreate the world she needed an actually human body to manifest herself in and since Mitox was nice enough to try and create humans with Gengora’s power, she didn’t really have to do a lot of the work. However, X-Keller got in the way and changed Siefer’s side to good, but after all the craziness with the prophecy and Rafael and Jenis dying, Siefer went to the library at Hirtoga to try and do research on the prophecy and his connection to it, but inside found the files on H.I.S and Gengora and found out he was the ultimate product of the project. He figured out where Gengora was located and when he arrived here, he was able to reconnect with Gengora and actually talk with her. Feeling angry and hurt about his entire life being a lie created by Mitox and X-Keller, he agreed to help Gengora with her plan to recreate the world by making the human race extinct and starting over with the humanoid species, a species that doesn’t hurt or betray anyone.

I stopped him and asked him if his story was reaching a point. He looked back and said that the point was that Gengora had infused the rest of her powers into Siefer. Siefer was now Gengora, with all of her strength and power and that he was going to use all of that power to crush all the humans and rebuild with the humanoids that were currently beginning formed and growing in the pods.

Then he said he was going to start with the two of us. His eyes and body began to glow a purple/black color and he revealed his black wing. Rafael drew his sword and pushed me behind him. He said to stay back, that this was his battle. Rafael jumped at Siefer, and a new battle had begun.

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