Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Escape from Hertoue

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 17: Escape from Hertoue

The helicopters flew into sight. The Hero’s Alliance had found me. I couldn’t let them know Rafael was alive yet. So I threw his hood back on his head and grabbed the swords. I gave him his and asked if he could stand up. He said yes and I told him that we had to get away from Hertoue. We were in no condition to fight off Hero’s Alliance Fighters. I told Rafael that I had done some research of the land and that there was a shortcut that lead in the direction of Nimbasa and that in the middle of the trail was one of X-Keller’s secret layers he kept hidden from everyone. If we could get there before they had a good sight on us we would probably be safe. He agreed that that was good plan and stood up.

Infantrymen had already made their way towards us. I handed Rafael the GPS unit I had been using and told him to follow the coordinates to the spot I had told him about. He was more hurt than I was so it was better that I hold off these goons. Rafael asked if I was sure and I told him that I would be fine. Rafael took off running and I grabbed both the Sword of Light and the Red Repulser (Jenis’ sword). I shouted to them come and get me. They all took position and started firing their guns. Rounds and rounds of ammo I was deflecting with the swords, in the meantime trying to store was much power as I could, in both the swords and myself. Fighters of all ranks jumped out of the helicopters. That part shocked me. He really sent everyone he could after me. I decided to take a different approach. I jumped to the highest roof of Hertoue which happened to be right behind the line of infantrymen, letting some of the last bullets land straight into some of the Fighters, knocking them down and back. Then I activated the Fire Elemental of the Red Repluser and sent the infantrymen flying forward. Before they could all collect them themselves, I took off toward the spot I told Rafael to go to.

I ran as fast as I could to try and catch up with Rafael, and to get a good lead the few remaining members behind me. On my way I tried to slow them down by cutting some trees down. As I got closer to the hideout I felt safer, until I ran into Donavan holding a sword to Rafael, or the hooded warrior as Donavan currently knew him, who was on the ground. Donavan swung his sword in an attempt finish Rafael off, but I jumped from my spot and blocked the attack, knocking the sword anyway from Donavan. He was shocked, like he had seen a ghost or something. I told Donavan that I didn’t want to hurt him, but he had to leave now. He asked me what I have been doing, why I ran away from the Hero’s Alliance. I told him that it was a lot to explain and I didn’t have the time to explain it.

He told he that he was suppose to hunt me down and bring me back to the Hero’s Alliance. I told him that I couldn’t let him do that, not right now. He asked if X-Keller was dangerous. I couldn’t answer him, I just told him to be careful and to not trust X-Keller. He asked if he could come with me whatever I was doing, and I said that he couldn’t, he had to play his part with the Hero’s Alliance. He heard footsteps. Donavan told me to get into the hideout and quick, that he would tell them you guys got away and he couldn’t stop us. I said thank you and he told me that no matter what, he was on my side and gave a thumbs up.

Rafael and I climbed into the hideout, I managed to find a light switch. Rafael put his hood down and he seemed shocked. I asked what was the matter. He just looked at me and said that he had finally found Gengora.

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