Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Second Rising

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 16: Second Rising

I had just unhooded the hooded warrior. I was speechless. How was this possible, it couldn’t be possible at all. I backed away from him, and Rafael stood up. He said that I must be a little shocked and confused right now. I looked up at him and finally found my voice and told him that that was a little bit of an understatement. He said that he would give me a little time to collect my thoughts and process some things before he explained everything to me. He said that we were safe from the Hero’s Alliance here.

After a while had passed I finally asked how he was here? How he was standing after being stabbed straight through the chest? Better yet, after Cissnei and I buried him? He told me that he had a lot of explaining to do, so he was just going to start from the beginning. It was a week after he, Siefer, and Jenis had there battle when he opened his eyes. When he opened them he was in a beaten up room. When he got up, he walked out of the room he was shocked at the size of the house he was in. As he walked through the house, he heard someone approach from behind him. The man said that he was finally awake. Rafael turned around and asked where he was and who the man was. The man said that his name was Rex and that he was in an abandoned mansion in a small town named Nimbasa. Rafael asked how he was alive, since the last thing he remembered was being stabbed. Rex told him he had been revived using what he named the revival specimen, a tiny orb of Genegora power infused into it. Rafael asked Rex why he went through the trouble of reviving him, and Rex said he needed his help to stop Siefer.

Rex was a lead researcher on the H.I.S project when it was a part of the Dark Defender Alliance’s control, however he never agreed with it, he went along with it because Mitox was threatening him. However, once Mitox was killed and X-Keller kept the project going, Rex ran away from all of it trying to find a way to stop the project from going any further, but he failed and Siefer got stronger and stronger. Rex explained to Rafael the same things I saw in X-Keller’s memories from the mind seeker. Rex asked Rafael to help him and Rafael agreed that Siefer was dangerous and needed to be stopped. Rafael planned to go back to the Hero’s Alliance and explain to X-Keller and then they could all work together to stop it. Rex told him that that wasn’t an option, that he couldn’t go back there because X-Keller would never turn his back on the project after everything that had happened.

After a lot of thought he decided that in order to save everyone, he would stay with Rex and follow his plan and stay away from the Hero’s Alliance, even though he hated letting Cissnei believe he was still dead. That’s when they both decided it would be best if he disguised himself to hide his true identity from any Hero’s Alliance member he may run into and from Siefer. So for the last 7 months he’s been doing recon on Siefer’s known locations and hideouts, along with recon on the Hero’s Alliance and X-Keller’s plans. That’s how he knew I had run away and he traced me to Banorial.

I was still in shock that he was alive, but I managed to ask one more question. What exactly is Rex’s plan? Rafael told me that I would have to ask Rex that myself. He tried to stand, but he was hurt from the battle. When he fell back down he told me that I had become a lot stronger in the last 7 months and laughed. I told him that we were going to rest here for the night and then tomorrow he would lead us to Nimbasa. But we weren’t going to have that luxury, because the sound of helicopters blasted from the sky. The Hero’s Alliance had found me.

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