Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: A Warrior’s Fight, Part 2

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 15: A Warrior’s Fight, Part 2

AUG 21, 2005

The swords had been drawn. We both stood there, pretty much starring each other down. I still knew that this wasn’t a death battle, but still a battle none the less. I was expecting him to charge, but inside he jumped backwards onto one of the beaten up houses and then into the trees. I looked around, trying to predict where his attack would come from. I heard a rustle behind and I turned around in time to see him lung at me. I quickly threw my sword up in defense and managed to stop his attack from hitting me, still causing a tiny bit of kickback.

I charged up the Light Elemental in my sword and sent a beam of light flying his way. He activated Jenis’ sword and sent a beam of fire in my direction. The beams hit each other, causing a smoke cloud. The hooded warrior used that cloud as cover because all of a sudden a giant gust of wind blasted me back straight into a building. I smashed onto the ground. The warrior was standing over me. I used my legs and swept out his legs and then jumped up and sent out a light beam at him and he went flying, smashing into the broken down town square statue. The swords fell to the ground. I walked over to the statue to finally unhood the hooded warrior, but before I could I was hit with a bolt of lighting. He must have had an Elemental glove on. How did he get one of those?

I was kneeling, weakened by that hit and the warrior stood up and kicked me in the stomach. I flew up in the air and landed hard on the ground. I stood up and swung my sword at him to send out a beam of light, but he dodged it and ran up to me and grabbed the blade of the sword and took it from me and threw it. All the swords were now out of play. So I did the only thing I could think of. I activated “the weapon” . I stood up and shot out light energy at him, throwing him off guard. I ran up to a broken house and jumped to its roof and sent out a barrage of light energy at him. When he rebalanced he just stood there for a second. Then he raised his hand a strong beam of fire roared towards me. I tried to block it with the light energy but it hit me and I flew backwards, right next to all of the swords.

I grabbed Jenis’ sword and released all of the fire energy it had, then I did the same with the wind energy in Rafael’s sword, and finally the light energy in mine. The hooded warrior fell. I walked over to him to try and reveal him again. This time I was very in doing that. But when I took off the hood, I froze. I couldn’t believe who was under the hood.

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