Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Runaway

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 13: Runaway

X-Keller’s memory log’s ended the mind seeker shut itself down. The door opened and I left the room and was back in X-Keller’s office. He looked up at me and asked if I now understood why he did what he did. I said that yes, I did understand but I didn’t agree with it at all. His face was shocked, we asked what was wrong with what he had done. He toyed with the lives of two people just because he was trying to avenge what had happened to his family, to his wife. That all of this was truly his fault, all of the death related to this prophecy was because of him.

He said that he did it for everyone in this world, so that there would be no evil like the Dark Defender Alliance. I looked at him and told him that he released a ticking time bomb into the world. Siefer was created to fight for the evil part of the prophecy and that couldn’t be changed. X-Keller asked how I understood so much. I pulled out the files that Cissnei and I found in Hirtoga and threw them on his desk. He looked at them and asked what these were. I told him that I wasn’t sure until I saw his memories, it was Mitox’s data on Project H.I.S. All X-Keller did was delay Siefer’s evil from shining through. X-Keller has willingly unleashed a monster that needed to be stopped, and I told him that I planned to stop it.

I turned around to walk way and X-Keller grabbed my arm. He told me that Siefer couldn’t be killed yet, that it wasn’t the right moment. The world hadn’t be changed the way he needed it to be and Siefer had to stay alive until he figured out how to change it. I told him that Siefer was on a path to destroy everything, especially if he figured out the secret of what he really was and I got out of his grip and began walking again. He said that if I walked out of the door now I would be considered a traitor to the Hero’s Alliance. I stopped and said that he better get everyone ready for a chase then and walked out of the office.

Cissnei and Xying were outside waiting for me and asked if I was okay and what had happened. I looked at them and said I was sorry and began running. Thats when the alarms sounded and the voice over the P.A that the member Nicholas Hossan has been branded a traitor and was not allowed to leave the building. The chase had begun. A group of infantrymen started running up the stairs and I drew my sword and struck them down, but a horde was moving fast. I jumped on the wall and wall jumped down the stairwell to avoid all of them and ended up in the lobby. The door wasn’t that far away, but many infantrymen and Fighters were now closing in, I saw Cissnei, Xying, and Donavan just watching. I bowed my head in shame and whispered that I was sorry and activated my weapon power, also causing the sword of light to react. I put both hands on my sword handle and concentrated on the blade. The sword started glowing strong with light energy and I released all of the energy towards the groups of people coming towards me. They were all knocked up, maybe even dead. I hated myself for what I had just done.

I ran to the door as fast as I could and ran as far away as I could from the building. I was a runaway now, and I was on my own. The next question one my mind is where do I go now? I could’t just go back home because I would easily be found there. That’s when it hit me, I knew exactly where to go.

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