Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: A Warrior’s Fight, Part 1

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 14: A Warrior’s Fight

AUG 10, 2005

It has been over a month since I ran away from the Hero’s Alliance. After I ran, I ran to Banorial and have been hiding deep in the catacombs of the caves, setting up camp. Monitioring both the news of the normals and the Hero’s Alliance radio’s and transmitters I try to stay a step ahead of X-Keller. Apparently he was still handling the me being gone problem with my parents and normal life because there hadn’t been any news of my disappearance there. I’ve been spending the past month doing research into the H.I.S Project and what could Siefer’s next move be, but haven’t found out much that I didn’t already know. I kept thinking about Casey too. Was she fooled too? Did she know that I wasn’t really there or I am the only one missing the other? I missed her. I wanted to talk to her, to see her but I know X-Keller is probably watching my neighborhood. I also realized that if I was going to fight Siefer in his current state I was going to need help, and without the Hero’s Alliance, without Cissnei, Donavan, and Xying I had no one. I had almost forgotten about Donavan, so much for being a mentor. And Xying, we had become pretty close for the last couple months, I trusted her. And Cissnei, my best friend and I turned on her. I turned on all of them without giving them a good reason. But I had to try not to worry about that right now. Who could I get to help me find and fight Siefer? And that’s when it hit me, the hooded warrior.

The only problem was, I had no idea where to look for the hooded warrior. The last time I saw him was in Nimbasa when Donavan and I were leaving. So I decided to start there. I rebooted the old computer in the Banorial caves and activated the mapping software on it. According to the computer it would take about three weeks to reach Nimbasa from Banorial. So I packed a bag and started making my way to Nimbasa. As weird as this was, it was actually really fun traveling like this, a dream of mine realized. Although, there was a lot going through my mind. My friends I left behind, Casey and my feelings for her, and about Rafael and Jenis and how they might both still be alive if Mitox and X-Keller had just everything alone. After traveling for a week and a half, I came across very familiar territory, Hertoue.

About a week after Rafael’s death, I traveled to Hertoue myself and placed Rafael and Jenis’ swords in what was once the town square. Kind of like a shrine to the two of them. So since I was here I decide to stop by and pay my respects again. I starred at the swords and thought about how I might have been able to prevent Rafael’s death. I thought about how I thought that Jenis’ death avenged Rafael’s, but it didn’t. At that moment, I heard someone approach. I looked up and saw the hooded warrior standing in front of me. He said nothing so I started talking. I told him that he knew Siefer was dangerous or he wouldn’t have been in Hirtoga that day he Siefer attacked Cissnei and I. He said nothing. I told him that I knew he was dangerous now as well and that I planned to stop Siefer but I needed help. Again nothing. I asked if he would help me. Nothing. After a few minutes he walked towards the swords. He walked up to them and grabbed both of them. He turned towards me and swung. I jumped out of the way and drew my sword. This wasn’t a fight to the death, I could tell by the swing. this was a test of strength, a warrior’s fight.


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