Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Story of X-Keller, Part 3

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 12: The Story of X-Keller, Part 3

Next memory log. The room was labeled H.I.S. Hollzad told me that that stood for Humanoid Infused Specimens and the project  revolved around the first humanoid ever discover, Genegora. In Genegora lived these little packets of energy that made her stronger than a normal human, even stronger the X-cells had done. But the project has mostly been a failure, expect for one. The only H.I.S to be successful was named Siefer and he was placed in Hertoue years ago to become best friends with the other two. The point of this was to make a strong evil friend to stop the good ones from winning. Mitox was just about to gather the three friends to join the Alliance until he was killed. I asked if Siefer knew that he was just a creation. Hollzad said no, he was given false memories of a family and friends before he was supposedly forced to move to Hertoue.

I couldn’t believe that something like this existed, but at the same time it seemed like the only way at the moment to reach the goal I wanted to reach. So I decided that I would continue with Mitox’s plan, but I would change Siefer’s side, make him one of the good friends. So that day I went to the remains of Hertoue and found the three friends, Siefer and the other two. One was named Rafael and the other Jenis. Once they had started training and adapting to the Hero’s Alliance, I kept on reading information on the prophecy and the next part of it was that the good and bad friends had to be marked. Reading into the file of H.I.S prototype 13 Siefer, I discovered that he had been given a wing that was colored black, the mark of the dark. I decided to mark the three of them with a wing.

Hollzad took me to an underground lab that the DDA called Banorial. There I conducted my experiments on the three, them also being my first test subjects with the X-cells. But for about a year I performed my experiments on them, until one day their wings finally developed, Rafael with a white wing and Siefer’s wing changed to white and Jenis’ had developed two black wings. Now it was a waiting game, until I discovered a hidden piece of the prophecy. Something known as “the weapon” existed and that person could shift the tide of battle depending on the side he/she choose. I had to find this person and convince them to fight for good before they could ruin my creation of a peaceful world. For years I searched for people who could possibly be this weapon. Then on June 17th, 2004 I discovered a boy that was different than the rest. A loner but there was something hidden in him, I had a feeling he was who I was looking for…

Memory log ended…

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