Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Story of X-Keller, Part 2

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 11: The Story of X-Keller, Part 2

Next memory log. This is Jonathan X-Keller, and what you are witnessing is my memories. This is my second memory log. 2 1/2 years after the death of my wife and the day I gave my daughter away I had been doing my research into the people that attacked my home, and I found out that they were named the Dark Defender Alliance and they were after my research into what I call the X cells, cells that enhance the senses and make a person stronger. They planned to use these cells along some of my other creations in order make the world the way they wanted it to be. And my goal had now become to stop them. I had been doing a lot of training and had become a much stronger, I could now easily take out any DDA pursuers. But even with my increasing strength, I couldn’t invade their headquarters with that alone. So I decided to put some of my experiments to the test.

My experiments included a few things. First was these orbs of energy that materialized the elements of fire, water, wind, earth, ice, and lighting and you could release the energy in them at will with the glove I had designed to go along with them, I called them Elementals. But my most prized creation, aside from the X-cells, is the gyrosphere, a device that when activated hides anyone and anything the user chooses within a 10 mile radius, unless enhanced. Once I tested all of these I made my way to the headquarters of the Dark Defender Alliance.

It was deep underground, hidden beneath the surface. Once I reached the building I activated the gyroscope and made my way into the building undetected. Once I reached the top floor of the building, I walked behind the leader of the DDA and deactivated the gyroscope. He turned around in alert and I stabbed him right in the head and said that that was for my wife. Then I went on the P.A system and told the members that their leader was dead and that this organization was about to have some serious changes and if anyone opposed that they could come and try to stop me. I was met with quite a bit of rebellion, but they were no match for my strength and my surprise Elementals. When the last of the rebels fell the remaining members decided to side with me.

I told them that from this moment on we would be helping the world protect itself from evil, and we would be known as the Hero’s Alliance. But we will be doing all of this in secret. I had done my research into the building and know that they had an enhancer in the basement of the building. I went down there and placed the gyrosphere into the enhancer and hid everything that I felt needed to be hid.

I made my way back up to the office, I kept thinking that there had to be a way to change this world and stop people and organizations like the DDA from ever existing again. That’s when I man entered my office, a man named James Hollzad and explained that there was something that I needed to see in the building archives. When I searched down there, I discover what was called The Propchecy of The Three Best Friends and at the end of the prophecy it talked about how the winner of the final battle got to change the world in their image. Hollzad told me that the plan was already in motion, that Motix, the dead leader of the once DDA, had already started it. He burned down a village called Hertoue where two best friends had lived. I said that the prophecy had called for three. Hollzad said that Motix created a third friend. I asked what he meant by created? Hollzad lead me down a hallway.

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