Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Confrontation

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 9: The Confrontation

JUL 1, 2005

I walked into the Hero’s Alliance building, Cissnei and Xying tried to talk to me, but I was too determined and angry to stop. X-Keller crossed a line with me yesterday and I plan to expose what I know about him. When I reached his office, he told to come in and shut the door. When I did I heard a snap and the door locked behind me.

X-Keller turned around to face me and wasn’t shocked by the look on my face. He asked why I wasn’t here yesterday. I just looked at him and said that he knows exactly why I wasn’t here yesterday. He told me that he wanted to hear the story from me before he said anything else. So I told him exactly what had happened. Once I finished, he looked at me and said that I risked everything just to save some girl. I asked how I risked anything. He said that an 11 year old boy managed to beat up two armed 24 year old men then proceeded to carry a middle aged woman to hospital with no problem at all. After that, even I had to admit that that raises some question, but nothing that would blow our cover. I looked at him and asked isn’t saving people what we do? Even if they are in the “real world” aren’t we suppose to save them if we can? Or have your idea;s become so screwed up that he doesn’t know good from bad anymore.

He looked at me with an angry stare and asked what the hell I meant by that. That’s when I through the pictures that Siefer had given me on his desk. I said that’s what I’m talking about. He looked at the pictures and asked how I got these. I said that that didn’t matter and then said that everything that happened six months ago was his fault. Rafael is dead because of him, because this damn prophecy mattered so much to him for some reason that he experimented on the three of them until they were ready to kill one another, and for what? He sat down and remained silent for about a minute or two, then spoke. He asked me if I wanted to know why he did what he did? Why he risked their lives the way they did? I said yes, that I would love to know everything.

He got up and told me to follow him. I followed him to the back of his office and he punched in a code on a key pad and the wall opened. We walked into a big empty room with a control pad in it. He told me that this room was called the mind seeker. It has downloaded memory of everyone including himself. He told me to walk up to the control panel and type in the phrase “memory unlock” then “Jonathan X-Keller” and watch. He walked out of the room after he finished saying all of that. I did what he said.

The room went dark like a movie theater, and then images of a young family came on screen, and I recognized the father of that family right away, it was X-Keller. Thats when his voice started narrating his memories.


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