Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Normal Meets Hero

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 8: Normal Meets Hero

JUN 30, 2005

Today was the big day, the first time that Casey and I would actually be hanging out somewhere else besides the therapist’s office or our little meetings in the woods after my therapy sessions. I had to make it through the day first, which required a meeting at the Hero’s Alliance headquarters. As I’m walking towards the way underground to the headquarters, the cell phone X-Keller gave me started to ring, and it was Casey! How did she manage to get this number? So I answered it. I heard her sweet voice say hello, and all my big mouth could ask is how she got this number. But all of sudden, that didn’t as important anymore because the next thing out of her mouth was I need help, I’m in trouble. My heart sank, I asked her where she was and what was wrong. She told me she was in the park and these two men were coming after her and she was hiding in the bushes now. I asked her why she didn’t call the cops and she said because she felt safer calling me for some reason. I told her I would be right there. I hung up the phone and started running.

When I got the park, nobody was there. Expect for the two people that Casey had described. I walked behind them and asked if I could help them with something, and they told me to butt out that this isn’t for little kids like me. I snapped back that it is if you are chasing little kids. One of them whispered something to the other and then he pulled a gun on me. They fired and I jumped up, and came back down nailing the one guy in the face and he collapse to the ground. The next guy decided to use his fists. I swept out his legs and as he fell, elbowed him on his back causing him to fall straight onto the ground. He got up and came after me again. I jumped and kicked him the stomach and then on the side of the head. Now he was down. Both guys knocked out.

I screamed for Casey. She came running out of the bushes crying and ran up to me. I grabbed her and told her that she was okay, that they weren’t going to hurt her anymore. She told me that her mom had been hurt. I told her to show me where her mom was and we ran to her. Her mom had been shot, not a fatal wound but she was losing blood. The hospital wasn’t that far away, but if we called an ambulance it would be too late. I made a decision in that moment. I had to carry her and I didn’t care about the questions it would raise, I had to do this to save a life and for Casey. So I picked her up and I told Casey that we were heading to the hospital.

I ran as fast as I could and we made it in a good amount of time, they wheeled her right in and Casey waited while I called the cops and told them two creeps were in the park and I didn’t give them my name. I went over to Casey and she hugged me and just kept saying thank you over and over again. I told her that she didn’t need to, that I would to do anything to keep her safe. She looked at me and asked me to stay with her, I promised her I would. She asked me how I knew how to do all of that martial arts. I told her that I’ve been practicing it for a few years now. Another lie I told her. I hated lying to her but what else could I do? She’d never believe the truth.

It became nighttime and our “date” was in a hospital but its okay, I was just glad she was okay. She eventually fell asleep next to me. That’s when my phone rang and of course it was X-Keller. I answered the phone in a private part of the hospital. I started explaining what happened and why I wasn’t at the meeting today, but he said that he knew what had happened and he wanted to see me right away. He was angry. I was quiet for a second and then said no, I had to stay with Casey tonight and that I would see him tomorrow, and I hung up the phone. I walked back to Casey, thinking about how if he was going to explode at me that it was time to expose what I had found out about him.

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