Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Mentor

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 7: Mentor

JUN 28, 2005

It’s been a week since Cissnei and I had our encounter with Siefer and that hooded warrior. We both agreed not to tell X-Keller about either of those two encounters, instead we just told him that it seemed like someone had been doing some research into what was in Hirtoga, but nothing too serious. In the meantime, Cissnei and I would meet up during any free time we had and go over the journals and papers we took. And so far there wasn’t anything important on them, just some data and facts that didn’t make much sense.

The rest of the time I’ve been training with Donavan and Xying. They are both getting really strong really quickly. And I’ve been becoming really good friends with both of them. At night Donavan usually kept on training and Xying managed to find my hiding spot, the rooftop. So usually at night we hang out on the roof for an hour or so. It had become a routine, the first time I felt like things were alright at the Hero’s Alliance since Rafael had been killed. Things were looking up at home too. I started spending a lot of time with Casey, and two nights from now we are actually going out on what we are calling a date. My first one, I never thought that would happen.

However, with good always has to come bad. Donavan and I were called to X-Keller’s office. This man was already on my do not trust watch list, so going into his office was very hard for me but it was still my job to listen to him. He told us that he had a mission that he wanted Donavan and I to handle and just Donavan and I. He told us the details were in the mission log on the mission terminal and he wanted it done today. So We walked out of the office and headed to the terminal. We ran into Cissnei and Xying, who apparently just accepted a mission of their own. I wonder what X-Keller was up to…

I logged onto the terminal and found the mission. Apparently there had been some genetically mutated creature outbreaks in the area near an area named Nimbasa, and our job was to maintain the situation. I told Donavan to ready his gear because we were leaving in an hour. Donavan was really excited as we lifted into the sky. I kept thinking about the things Siefer had said and what X-Keller was planning having me and Donavan go on a mission like this. A simple one that I could handle by myself.

When we arrive at Nimbasa, everything seems quite, however that lasts for about a second because all of a sudden a giant bat looking creature comes from the sky, aiming for Donavan and he was frozen. I yell to him to snap out  of it and to focus and use his surroundings. I see him look towards the cliff. He runs over to it and stands right in front of it, and at the last second Donavan jumps up and the creature smashes into the cliff. I yell to him to trust his judgment now and that he knows how to finish this. Donavan nods at me and plunges down towards the creature,  stabbing it straight in the back. The creature was downed.

The rest was a really easy from there. We worked together and I helped Donavan whenever he needed advice and coaching, the way Rafael use to help me out. When the situation was contained and everything was said and done, we sat down and waited for the helicopter to come back. Donavan thanked me for my help today and that he would have died if I hadn’t coached him through things. I told him that it’s what friends and co-workers do. He told me that he trusted me and that I had become his mentor. That made me happy to hear. I felt I had finally paved a path to keep Rafael alive by using what he left me, the ability to mentor another. As we boarded the helicopter I looked up towards the sky and said thank you Rafael, I’ll do my best to teach him and others what you have taught me. As I turned around, I caught something in the corner of my eye. When I looked up I say the hooded warrior standing on the top cliff, then he jumped away.

Who is this person?

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