Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The Hooded Warrior

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 6: The Hooded Warrior

Seifer was standing in front of Cissnei and I. He turned around to face us and asked us what we were doing here and that we shouldn’t be here. I told him that X-Keller sent us here to look for him. That X-Keller was worried about him. Siefer laughed and said that he wasn’t worried about him, he was worried about his secrets. I asked Siefer what secrets he was talking about. He said that he didn’t know much and even if he did he won’t tell either of us anything. Cissnei stepped up and asked why. Siefer said it was because we both still work for and trust X-Keller, even after everything that has happened.

I asked if he was referring to the prophecy stuff. He said yes and that the death of Rafael and Jenis was X-Keller’s fault. He told us that he found out that X-Keller was the one who did the experiments on them, that he is the reason that all of them had the wings. And he had proof. Banorial had video cameras wired in it, and from the video feed Siefer took still photos and the pictures clearly showed X-Keller in Banorial and the three of them connected to the machines I saw down there.

I honestly wasn’t as shocked as I thought I would be. I always kind of figured that he was behind all of that but right now, I had to deal with Siefer. I asked what he planned to do now that he had figured all of this out. He said that he had to stop X-Keller before he could do any more harm, even if that meant destroying the entire Hero’s Alliance.

Thats when I drew my sword. I told him I understood his anger at X-Keller but there are innocence people that are part of the Hero’s Alliance that I can’t let him hurt. He just said that if they are all willing working for Jonathan X-Keller, then none of them are innocent, including Cissnei and I. That’s when he drew his sword. I told Cissnei to step back and I activated my glow. Siefer was impressed that I had finally learned to control that. That’s when he started to glow black and sent out his wing, which was black now as well. I was shocked. What the hell happened to him in five months?

We charged at each other, but something hit the ground in-between us and we both flew backwards. When the smoke cleared all I saw was someone in a hood standing there. He spoke no words and did nothing expect look around at each of us. Siefer stood up and said you again and went after him. The hooded man just help up his hand and grabbed the sword and flung Siefer backwards. Siefer looked at Cissnei and I and said that we weren’t through and that they would all meet again someday. Then he flew away.

The hooded man looked at Cissnei and I and then jumped up. He was gone as well. Cissnei just looked at the sky in awe, as my mind was going a mile a minute. What else was X-Keller hiding? Is he as dangerous as everyone keeps saying? What has happened to Siefer? And who was that guy, the hooded warrior?

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