Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Emerging Bonds

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 5: Emerging Bonds

I woke up around 11 that morning, and made my way to the room with the missions computer, a new feature that was installed into the newly renovated building. I opened up my file and find that X-Keller had already uploaded my mission assignment so I clicked accept and went to the weapons room to grab the sword of light. As I’m heading up to the helipad to get on the helicopter, Donavan comes running up and says that he’s coming with me. Before I could tell him that he wasn’t, Cissnei comes from nowhere and says it for me, but she says that he isn’t going because she’s coming with me. I say no she is not because I wanted to go alone, but she just looked at me and said that she was coming.

The helicopter ride was pretty silent, and it was the same for a little bit after we landed in Hirtoga, until she spoke up. She said that she was sorry for last night. She was upset and I was being so nice and sweet and she just kind of reacted to how she was feeling at that time. I told her that it was okay and that I understood why it happened. And then I said that it felt pretty good anyway and she hit me and laughed. Then she hugged me and asked if we were still friends and I said of course, she was pretty much the best friend I had right now. After all of that had been taken care of she asked me why we were here. I told her everything X-Keller told me last night.

She asked if I believed X-Keller was trying to protect dangerous secrets or if Siefer was just going nuts. Suddenly flashes of Jenis’ last few words to me came to mind, about how X-Keller would change me and how there were a lot of things I didn’t know. But still, it was Jenis, he wasn’t anywhere near trustworthy. Cissnei asked me if I was okay and said yeah and we kept moving until we came across a big square building. We walk up and reach for the door and it swings straight open. I draw my sword and prepare myself for anything.

Inside, its just an empty, run down mansion. Nothing special, nothing that seemed secret. We walk around and explore for a little bit and come up with nothing. Until we come to a piece of wall that seemed different than the rest. Cissnei went up and hit it and the wall opened. We entered the room and it was a library filled with a bunch of papers and books. And it looked like it has been recently used. I started reading some of the open books and papers on the table and there were two common names that appeared on all of them, Generga and H.I.S. Cissnei opened up her backpack and we through some of the books and papers into it and left the building.

As we were leaving, we noticed something approaching the area and coming right at us. We jumped out of the way and when we collected ourselves, we saw Siefer standing in front of us, seeming ready for a fight. It would appear the even though many new bonds are emerging in my life, the old ones are falling to pieces.

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