Tales of the Protectors Second Rising: New Worries

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 4: New Worries

JUN 19th 2005

It’s 1 a.m and instead of being in bed, I’m making my way up to to X-Keller’s office at the Hero’s Alliance building. Whatever, X-Keller had to talk to me about, it better be important. When I get to the building everything is pretty much dark. All of the members were asleep in there rooms. I finally made it up to X-Kellers office and when I entered, I saw Siefer’s file and information on screen.

I walked in and asked him what Siefer was doing on screen. X-Keller turned around and thanked me for coming in so late. I told him to cut the crap and tell me what all of this was about. He laughed and said that I was learning. He told me that someone has been looking into secret files and breaking into secret bases. I looked at him and asked what secret files and secret bases. He told me that I should know better than that. I shook that off for now and asked why Siefer was on screen. He looked at me and said because he believes Siefer is the one looking into our files and breaking into our bases.

I couldn’t believe X-Keller’s accusations. Why would Siefer, the guy who helped us stop Jenis and one of Rafael’s best friends, be breaching our security? When I asked him that, X-Keller said that he was angry at him and blamed him for what had happened to Rafael, and also that there was other things. I asked him what other things and X-Keller said that that wasn’t important right now. The reason he wanted to tell about all of this is because he wanted me to go investigate one of the places that he suspected Siefer had been too. A place called Hirtoga. I told him that I would go and started to walk away. He told me that I would be bring Donavan with me and I told him no, that I needed to do this mission alone. That I would take Donavan on a mission when I got back and walked away. This mission was personal, I had to figure out X-Keller’s secrets. He was hiding something. The question is, was Siefer involved in something bad or trying to stop something bad?

I decide to stay here tonight since its a Friday night and X-Keller already had me covered at home. As I’m walking to my room in the building, I hear someone in one of the rooms, crying. I find the room and it’s Cissnei’s. I ask her if she’s okay and she jumps a little bit. She asks what I’m doing here and I tell her that X-Keller needed me for something but that it wasn’t important. She laughed and said that its always important, I just didn’t want to tell her. I said true, but I made here smile. She said that I did, and that I have been good at that lately, especially since I reminded her of Rafael. I laughed and said that I am nothing like him, not yet anyway. She smiled again and said thank you for making her smile and she hugged me. I told her anytime. Then we pulled away from the hug and as we pulled away, she kissed me and without thinking I kissed back. We kissed for a while until she pulled away.

When she did, I left the room, embarrassed but thinking that it felt good at the same time, especially that an eighteen year old girl kissed me. I knew why it happened though. So I walked to my room, thinking about my upcoming mission, and awkward conversation with Cissnei. So many new worries, but ones that I am prepared to face.

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