Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: The New Recruits

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 2: The New Recruits

Cissnei, Donavan, Xying, and I made our way up to X-Keller’s nice and newly renovated office. When we entered the office, X-Keller introduced himself and told them the premise of what the Hero Alliance does and then told me and Cissnei to show them around and then show them to there rooms. Before we could leave X-Keller asked me to stay behind for a second. I told Cissnei to go and that I would catch up with them in a little bit.

He asked me how I was doing. I told him I was fine and asked what he wanted. He told me that he was worried about me because of everything that I’ve been through in a short amount of time. Flashes of Rafael’s death, the beast, and killing Jenis pop into my head, but I shake it off and tell him that I’m dealing with it and I am fine. He says alright and lets me go.

I meet up with everyone and I find Donavan and Cissnei checking out some of the equipment in the lab and I see Xying standing alone, looking at the mission logs and data entires. I go up to her and ask if she is okay. She quietly says yeah. I told her that I was nervous my first day too. That I walked into the building and didn’t know what was going on and I almost peed my pants. She started to laugh and loosened up a bit. She asked how I got through the my first day. My mind flashed back to Rafael and my first day in the building. I snapped back into reality and looked at her and I told her that I made a friend. She asked if it was Cissnei I was talking about and I told no, that the friend I made was dead. But I told her that he taught me a lot. She looked at me and said that she just made her first friend here and smiled at me. I smiled back, something I hadn’t done in a while.

Thats when Cissnei and Donavan came over. Cissnei told them to go ahead and go to the residential floor she had explained to them and that her and I would catch up in a little bit. She told me it was good to see me smile again. I told her that I wish she would smile again. She just starred off, I could tell she was thinking of Rafael and holding back tears. I grabbed her hand and told her that everything would be just fine. That we would honor Rafael by training the new recruits the best we could. She nodded and we headed upstairs to meet Donavan and Xying.

When we got up there Cissnei showed Xying to her room and I showed Donavan to his. I help him set up his room and he asked me questions. He asked me how I started in the Hero’s Alliance and why I was here. All I thought about was the prophecy and “the weapon”  but I didn’t tell him about that. I told about my other life and how X-Keller approached me and that this is were I am a year later. He told me that Cissnei told him all about me and the battle with Jenis and he said that I was awesome and that he wanted to train with me soon. I realized at that moment, I was becoming a mentor. I decided that that was how I would honor Rafael, by mentoring Donavan, the way that Rafael mentored me. I told Donavan that we would start training tomorrow and I left the room.

As I was leaving I ran into Xying. She said hi and asked if I what room I was in. I told her I didn’t live here and that I was heading home. She frowned a little and then said that she hoped she sees me tomorrow and smiles. I look at her and smile and say that she will and walk away. I think I am going to like these knew recruits.

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