Tales of The Protectors Second Rising: Aftermath

Tales of The Protectors Second Rising

Tale 1: Aftermath

JUN 17, 2005

Here I am, five months later. Five months since Jenis and Hollzad had been defeated, and since Rafael had died. It hasn’t been an easy five months. After I had finished Jenis off, I flew back to what remained of the Hero’s Alliance headquarters and met up with Cissnei, X-Keller, and Siefer. No words needed to be exchanged when I got back, one look at me and they knew, the job had been done. We gathered up the wounded and got them into our medical wards and gathered the bodies and covered them with sheets and got ready for the ceremony that is held when a member of the Hero’s Alliance dies.

We burned the bodies, all except for one. Cissnei and I dug a hole in the backyard of the building. We lowered Rafael’s body into the hole and then buried him. I hugged Cissnei to comfort her and then X-Keller and Siefer joined us. Siefer just looked at all of us and without a word his wing popped out again and he flew away. I could understand, he has a lot to think about now.

It took about a week to get the headquarters completely back up and running, and I played my part and nothing more. Once everything was back up and running, I was promoted straight to a Hero Rank Fighter, making me the youngest Hero Rank and the only one at the time. For about 2 months all I did was train, no eating, sleeping, or missions, just training. I was learning to truly control the powers of the weapon and learning how to use the sword of light. In that two month period, I had become stronger than even I could have imagined.

However, I wasn’t the same as I was a few months ago. I no longer really expressed any emotion. Every night, I had nightmares about Jenis and Rafael. All I see is Rafael dying over and over again. All of this has started seeping into the real world as well. For example there was one day when I was at school and this kid started picking on me for being quite and staying by myself, so I grabbed him and flipped him and snapped his arm. After that, I was put into therapy and I’ve been there for three months now, making stuff up since I can’t tell her the truth.

The only good thing about the therapy, is the therapists assistant Casey, the only 11 year old I know with some from of a job. She is really the first friend I’ve made in this part of my life, however I’m still pretty distant and quiet with her, but she keeps trying to change that. And a part of me doesn’t mind that at all.

Now, here I am today, June 17th, the one year anniversary of my joining of the Hero’s Alliance. And today we were getting two new Rank 3 Fighters. As I was sitting in my room at the Hero’s Alliance building, I thought about my first day in this building, when I met Rafael, Siefer, and Jenis and how much has changed since then. And now it would be me, Cissnei, and X-Keller introduces these new people to this world. All I can say is that I hope that they can handle it, because once you are in, there is no going back.

I went downstairs to meet with Cissnei and as I approach I see the two new recruits standing there with Cissnei. The new team is starting to take shape. I walked over there and they introduced themselves. One was a ten year old named Donavan and the other one was a girl named Xying. I told them to follow me to meet X-Keller. This was the new start for everyone.

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