Tales of The Protectors: End Game, Part 2

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 27: End Game, Part 2

When the white and dark faded, we were back in Banorial. The statue in front of me and everything else around me seemed to be in good shape. I looked towards the statue and saw Jenis standing there, holding his chest and panting. He looked up and me and said that I was stronger than he gave me credit for. That I could be a huge asset to the new world he was envisioning. He asked me to join him.

Next to me I noticed Rafael’s sword. I put the sword of light back and took off the glider then stomped my foot on Rafael’s sword handle. It flew up into my hand and I grabbed and held it towards Jenis. I told him that I would never join with someone like him, someone who would sacrifice anyone, even his own best friends, to get what he wants. Someone who could be so cruel.

He told me that that’s what would happen to me if I stayed with the Hero’s Alliance, that I would become just as corporate and immoral as him because thats what X-Keller does to you. I yelled to him saying that X-Keller didn’t make him kill Rafael or hurt Siefer the way he did, that that was all him and the belief in the dumb prophecy. X-Keller had nothing to do with all of that. He just smirked and said that I can keep on believing that if thats what makes me happy, but one day the truth will reveal itself and I won’t like what comes from that.

He drew his sword and held it towards me. Then he said lets settle this like the Fighters that we are, with the honor of being a Fighter, no elementals, no “weapon” powers, just sword against sword. I got into a battle position and said one last thing, that Jenis had absolutely no honor left, then I charged.

Our swords met, creating a shockwave throughout the room and pushing both of us back. Jenis jumped onto one of the rocks and launched myself at me. I positioned my blade so that his blade grazed mine, turned and kicked him straight into the rocks. He bounced right back and jumped up and his punch sent me across the room. It took me a few seconds to gather myself, but Jenis had alright reached me and started slashing. I slashed back.

The swords were moving at an alarming speed, both of us deflecting each others strikes, until we finally meet in the middle, causing another shockwave and bounce back. Jenis jumped back quickly and ran to me and managed to strike at my arm and then he stabbed me in the shoulder. I screamed in pain and manage to strike at his legs, but he jumped backwards towards the rocks and launched again, and kicked me right in the stomach sending me backwards.

He stood over me saying that I was pathetic and was about to get what I deserved. he held sword over me and was about to strike down on me, but I was an opportunity, I swept out his legs with my legs and as he began to fall I jumped up and grabbed his sword out of his hand and then still in the air, kicked him and he flew in the direction of the statue. As he stood up I slashed him straight on the chest and stomach with the two swords, creating an X-shape on his chest. Then, with Rafael’s sword, I screamed this is for you my friend and stabbed him straight in the middle of the X. He fell to his knees.

I dropped his weapon to the ground. It was over, he was no longer a threat. Jenis looked up at me, then turned to the statue. He looked up at it and with his last breath all he said was I’m sorry. Then his entire body just vanished. Rafael’s sword banged on the ground. Jenis was gone. The statue began to crumble and all of the rubble fell into the water. The statue died with Jenis.

I had no expression. No celebration, no happiness, no tears, no sadness, no joy. I just grabbed Rafael and Jenis’ swords and put the glider on and flew away from Banorial. The battle was over, the prophecy had ended, and in the end the light had won. The weapon had beaten the darkness. The true ending to the prophecy. Imagine, a 10-year old nobody was the answer to an ancient prophecy, and saved the planet. But my world will never be the same.

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