Tales of The Protectors: End Game, Part 1

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 26: End Game, Part 1

Face to face. One on one. Me and that beast. My body glowing, but this time its different, this time its not controlling me, I’m controlling it. This was the first time I have been able to control it. And it was because of this that I wasn’t scared, I was ready, I was willing, and I was going to stop Jenis right here, right now.

I activated the glider on my back and took to the sky. The Jenis beast casted a magic circle and a bunch of fireballs flew towards me. With my heighten speed and strength I dodged them and lifted my left hand and shot off my light energy balls at him landing direct hits, but they didn’t seem to even phase him. He lifted his huge hand and four Jenis copies appeared. So now I had to deal them while dealing with this Jenis beast. I soared back down to get rid of the Jenis clones, while dodging random beams of fire and darkness that the beast was shooting.

I fly as far away from all of them as I can and hold up my hand and send out of large strike of lighting from my hand, destroying all of the clones almost instantly, just required and few extra sword strikes. When they were all downed, I aim back at the beast, sending another round of lighting and light energy at it. Thats when the beast began to glow dark and the room around me became dark. It picked up its swords and swung it, sending out a giant wave of darkness that knocked me backwards right onto the ground.

I got back up and flew up as high as I could and then swooped down behind the beast and sliced at his back at an incredible speed, at least 50 to 60 slices. Then I directly sent a energy ball of light at the area I had sliced up, causing some major damage, but that little victory couldn’t last long because all of a sudden a giant geyser of darkness shot up at me and sent me flying and slamming against wall.

As I got up, the beast lifted both of its arms and a barrage of fire and darkness shot out at me and me not being able to dodge any of it. It was a lot of damage to take and time was running out and it didn’t seem like Jenis had barely taken any damage. But I wasn’t giving up. I got back to my feet and flew up high. The beast was trying to grab me but I flew like a pro and got close enough to fire more light energy straight at its chest, which did a lot of damage. I found its weak spot. But I lost my focus and the beast hit me hard, knocking Rafael’s sword out of my hand.

When I gathered myself again I looked at the beast. It was time. I grabbed my personal sword and opened its elemental compartment. Finally I was able to use the object I forged in the forging room before all of this happened. I pulled out the empty elemental orb I forged and squeezed it in my left hand and then placed it in my sword. The sword began to glow the golden color of my light aura and began to transform.

I looked at the beast and yelled at it saying that I don’t know if Jenis is still in there or not but I just want to let you know that I read the prophecy, the whole prophecy that was tucked it those Banorial file that I found “accidentally”. It told me that I could have an object absorb the power of the weapon and use it as something else. And I finished by saying that I made my choice, that the weapon chose to make a weapon. That I just created the sword of light.

The blades transformation had completed. The beast tried to stop me, but I flew high up and increase my aura’s power. I aimed the sword of light straight at his chest and charged it up. With all the light and speed I had in me, I charged at the beast and blasted straight through his body. The beast beamed with light and once again, everything went white, then black.

Up Next- Tale 27: End Game, Part 2

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