Tales of The Protectors: The Weapon Emerges

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 25: The Weapon Emerges

That monster killed Rafael. My mentor, my best friend. Dead by his hands. I’m going to end him, this needs to end now and with Rafael dead and Siefer really wore out, I’m the only one left who can stop him. So I kept on flying and land right near the hole that led underground to Banorial. Jenis would come here, I remember that when we had our conversation here, he mentioned this place had some sort of significance to all of this. But before I could enter into Banorial I was surrounded by at least 100 of the Jenis clones. They were everywhere. I started to fight off a few, but there were a lot and it was becoming increasing difficult.

Thats when Rafael appeared, not really him, he was a spirit. He told to believe in myself and that I can defeat them because I was meant too. He said that I might need a little extra help and he handed me his sword, his real sword. When his spirit left I was actually holding his sword. I noticed two slots to put elementals in. So I place a lighting and fire elemental in it, along with the wind elemental forged into it.

I spun in a circle, creating a circular wind gust that blasted them backwards. Then I used the wind to hover around and swung the sword and sent out fire streams, destroying a lot of the clones. Then I did one finally strike. They all circled around me, I stuck the sword in the ground and unleashed the elementals. I giant burst of fire, lighting, and wind unleashed and vanquished every clone around me.

I grabbed the sword and looked up towards the sky. Thank you Rafael. I’m going to finish Jenis off here. For Cissnei, Siefer, X-Keller, and you Rafael. I hope you are watching me, because this is going to be one hell of a fight. I jumped into the hole and made my way to the room with the giant statue in it. And he was stating right there.

He said that he knew they would send me, enough though it will do them no good, that the prophecy had already been fulfilled. I looked at him and raised my sword and said that this doesn’t have anything to do with that anymore. That tho shaw become a personal matter now. Maybe he didn’t care that he just killed his best friend but I care that he killed mine. He said to me that the stab was meant for me, so therefore I killed him. Then he went on and said that none of that matter because soon the world would be completely different, that he was about to shape it the way he wanted to, and it all starts with the statue. He raised his hand to the statue and chanted some words I couldn’t make out, and the statue started to glow and everything turned white. When it came back I was standing on air in an entirely white room, and in front of me was a giant beast that looked like Jenis, expect a lot stronger looking with this huge sword in hand.

I was paralyzed by blame and guilt because he was right. If I hadn’t had interfered with the battle, Rafael won’t have had to stop Jenis from killing Cissnei and me. It was my fault. But I couldn’t think like that now. I can’t let Rafael’s sacrifice be for nothing. I picked Rafael’s sword back up and said to Jenis that as the true weapon of the prophecy, I was going to stop his ambitions and avenge everyone who lost their lives trying to stop him. That’s when my body began to glow.

Up Next- Tale 26: End Game, Part 1

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