Tales of The Protectors: The Battle of The Prophecy, Part 2

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 24: The Battle of The Prophecy, Part 2

Hollzad was dead, after all this time, he was finally dead. If only it ended there. Now we have a glowing Jenis to worry about. Jenis starts to talk. He says that he has finally done it. He is now the weapon and the dark one. Then it hit me, his aura was dark. He was glowing a dark aura. He really has done it. He used the N cells to become the weapon, and he is the weapon of darkness.

Jenis launches at Siefer. He is faster, sharper, and stronger than he was before. Siefer is deflecting sword strikes left and right while Rafael struggles to get up from that last hit he took. When Rafael realizes what is going on, he leaps into the sky and sends a blast of wind in Jenis’ direction, but Jenis puts out one hand and deflects the wind, and shots a barrage of fireballs at Rafael. Rafael dodges and lands on a nearby cliff.

Cissnei and X-Keller met me at me on the roof. X-Keller was finally awake and realized what had happened. When I asked him what we could do he said nothing. He said that now that the weapon was already put into play I wouldn’t be able to do anything to help anymore. If I could, I never learned how to control. All we could do was sit there and watch as the three of them battled. There had to be something else we could do.

Rafael jumped from the cliff and wedged his sword in-between Jenis and Siefer’s swords and used wind to separate the three of them. Siefer used the earth elemental to catch him and Rafael from smashing onto the ground. Jenis landed on his feet on the highest cliff and sent out a ray of darkness that sent both of them plummeting to the ground. When they landed on the ground, Siefer sliced the ground, sending a bunch of earth shards flying and Rafael used the wind to push them towards Jenis. They hit him and he fell to the ground. All three were now at least on an equal footing.

I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing anymore so I stabbed the ground and sent lighting up from the ground, then with my glove I shot more lighting. Cissnei shot a lot of ice shards and everything hit Jenis and he went back straight into some rocks. X-Keller looked at us and said we shouldn’t have done that. I know why now. Jenis quickly flew over to us, sword blazing with dark fire. He lifted it high in the air and dropped it down on us. I thought we were both dead. But when I looked, I saw Rafael standing in front of us, with the sword through his chest. He fell and Cissnei caught him. Siefer came over to attack Jenis but Jenis shot a beam of darkness out at him and Siefer fell unconscious. Jenis looked back up at us and said that he won. He flew away and out of sight.

Cissnei held Rafael and told him he would be okay, he was going to live. Rafael touched her face and said that he loved her and that he wish he had the chance to be with her a lot longer. They kissed and Cissnei lost it. Rafael looked at me and with his last breaths he told me that it was my time and I had to stop Jenis and his final words to me were his first words he said to me when I became a Hero’s Alliance member: Protect what matters to you, because this rock we are standing on is not our world, it is our planet. The things we care about and that matter to us is our world. And his head dropped and he was gone.

Cissnei was holding his dead body and crying. I stood there, no tears, just anger. Jenis has to pay for what he has done to my friends. For killing my best friend and crushing Cissnei. I turned to X-Keller and said that I’m going to go stop Jenis. X-Keller looked at me and nodded. He gave me a glider device prototype our scientists have been working on and asked if I knew were  Jenis was going. I looked towards the sky and said I know exactly where he is going and jumped off the roof and flew away.

Up Next- Tale 25: The Weapon Emerges

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