Tales of The Protectors: The Battle of The Prophecy, Part 1

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 23: The Battle of The Prophecy, Part 1

A big bang happened as their swords clashed. Rafael, Siefer, and Jenis had begun their battle, and this wasn’t just any battle, this was the battle they were meant to fight, the battle for the world. However, I couldn’t completely keep focused on their battle, because I had one of my own, against Hollzad,

Those orbs weren’t just there to annoy us, they each had different elemental properties. A red one for fire, blue one for water, green one for wind, and yellow one for earth. While in the back when had Hollzad firing off four machine gun rounds at a time at us. I came up with an idea. Enough though Cissnei was wreck over what was going on with Rafael, I told her she needed to pull herself together because I needed her. I told her that I need her to put on my elemental glove and use hers as well and shot the opposite elemental of each orb. I figured each orb would be weakest to the element opposite it. Then I told her I’m going to try to get in closer and take out his machine gun backpack. With the orbs and that pack gone, he will be completely defenseless.

Meanwhile behind us the battle of the three best friends continued. Jenis sending many beams, streams, and balls of fire at Rafael and Siefer, both of them dodging most of them and retaliating with wind and earth attacks until they got close enough to strike with their swords. With the length of Siefer’s sword, that was pretty easy for him to do. Rafael went behind Jenis and they tried to trap him, but Jenis engulfed himself in flames and unleashed it as a giant forcefield that sent them both flying backwards. They slammed against some rocks but quickly gathered themselves and went right back to battle.

Cissnei was shooting out all these different elements like she’s been doing this her whole life. I am charging up deflecting as many bullets as I can and hiding behind rocks and rubble when the bullets become too much to handle. I look behind me and see that Cissnei has downed the water orb with three left to go. I start to run again and I finally reach Hollzad and jump behind him, stabbing his backpack and it explodes, sending us both backwards. He’s still standing when I stand up and now I see he had on an elemental glove but it looks different somehow. He fires a fire ball and a lighting ball at me and they both hit me. His glove can use multiple elements at once?

Jenis and Rafael were fighting sword on sword now while Siefer was on a cliff, getting ready for a nice clear shot. When he finally got one he sent a barrage of rocks at Jenis, landing direct hits and Rafael was able to knock Jenis’ sword out of hands. Jenis turned around and engulfed his hand in fire and punched Rafael in the stomach, sending him towards a cliff surface which he made contact with and banged and tumbled on the ground a few times. Then Jenis landed and grabbed his sword and went to Rafael but Siefer jumped in front of him and stopped Jenis before he could get close to Rafael.

Cissnei had just finished off the last orb and ran to help me out. She through chucks of ice at him causing him to unbalance and fall. Cissnei and I charged at him from opposite directions, but he suddenly disappeared underground. He resurfaced close to headquarters and I heard Jenis yell to him that it was time. So Hollzad ran into the building. I told Cissnei to stay back and go see if X-Keller was okay, she gave me my elemental glove back and I started running. I followed him as quickly as I could, shooting fire energy at him but he must have activated a forcefield around himself because every shot was deflected.

Hollzad made his way to the roof and then melted to handle so I couldn’t open the door. When I finally got the door open, I jumped through the door and stabbed Hollzad right through the chest, his lifeless body falling to the ground. But I was too late. I looked up and saw Jenis glowing. Whatever Hollzad had to do, he did it before I ended him.


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